“You will be an example to follow”

The singer John William Almeidason of the commander of the revolution Juan Almeida Bosque, dedicated a few words of remembrance to the General Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Calleja, the so-called czar of the Cuban economy, deceased of a cardiorespiratory arrest last Friday.

JG, as Juan Guillermo is known in the artistic field, assured that López-Calleja was like a father to him, and affirmed that he will be “an example to follow”.

“Damn, uncle tinillo, you don’t know how I’ll miss your jokes, your laugh when you laughed at my things, you were a father to me. Thank you for all your teachings, for all the moments you were there since my father is gone. You will be an example to follow and I know that you will watch over all of us, we have had hard days and it is not enough to tell you how much we will miss you. May God have you in glory! “, he expressed through the stories from your Instagram account.

Photo: Instagram Capture / Juan Guillermo Almeida

López-Calleja was a key figure in the Cuban government, since he had under his command the GAESA conglomerate, the main administration and business management group of the country’s economy with military leadership.

To its The official farewell was attended by the entire regime staff, from Raúl Castro and Miguel Díaz-Canel, to commanders José Ramón Machado Ventura and Ramiro Valdés, including members of the Political Bureau. Raúl Guillermo Rodríguez Castro and Vilma Rodríguez Castro, the children that López-Calleja had with Déborah Castro Espín, daughter of Raúl Castro, a marriage dissolved years ago, also attended.

JG, for his part, has never hidden his closeness and affinity with the country’s top leaders and their families.

A video recently came to light with unpublished images of the private party held at the Rancho Palco restaurant, in the Siboney district of Havana, where the wedding of another daughter of Commander Juan Almeida, Diana Teresa Almeida, was celebrated.

Juan Guillermo and his orchestra were in charge of putting on the music, and at one point he took the microphone to shout that he wanted euros. Among the attendees were Díaz-Canel and his wife Lis Cuesta, who were seen enjoying themselves.

In January 2019 the artist was invited by Lis Cuesta to Gastrocult, a luxury culinary event organized by her at the Grand Packard Hotel in Havana.

JG acted as the opening act for the singer Haila, on a day in which both were commissioned to offer a cultural lunch guided by a Spanish chef from the Iberostar hotel chain.

In 2018, nine years after the death of Juan Almeida Bosque, his singer son dedicated a few words to him on Facebook that caused controversy, since They highlighted the human facet of one of the strong men of the Cuban dictatorship.

“Many may not understand how much I can miss you, perhaps because they saw you dressed in green, I saw you dressed as a father,” Juan Guillermo wrote then.

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