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European Union was one of markets that have the most influence had about large technology companies Over the past months. the entry into force of the so-called Digital Markets Law, DMA in English means a paradigm shift in this sector. Forcing major companies in the field to make various changes in favor of, among many other goals, greater control over user privacy through much stricter regulation of competition between these companies.

Google recently used its official blog to report some changes that you intend to implement in your application system and that directly affect the processing of user data. Now we can have better control over the performance of various Google applications. They share our data, even offering us the possibility that some of them are not related to each other. Although yes, we will also have to accept certain restrictions in this regard.

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Linking data between applications

He Google Ecosystem It has a large number of applications that we use daily. Among them, the most notable are Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play and even Google’s own search app which many of us have downloaded to our smartphone.

Until now, data linking between all of them was done automatically as soon as we logged in with our access data to the various platforms. However, in order to avoid problems with the European regulator, Google now offers us the opportunity to choose what kind of services are these in which we are interested in linking our data.

As Google itself mentions in its post, we will be able to choose if we want. save link among all of them, remove all links or decide which applications we are interested in the existence of this link. However, Google also warns that if we choose disable synchronization our data, we will have to accept some limitations.


The company explains that when we accept service bundling, They share our data between themselves and the rest of Google’s services to achieve certain purposes, e.g. personalization of content and advertising, For example. However, if you restrict this link, some features may not display correctly or may even become unavailable.

Google gives two examples to explain this. If search services YouTube and Google Chrome not connected, Discover channel It will be less personalized and, for example, on YouTube we will not receive viewing suggestions. If we disable our search engine’s connection to Google Maps, our restaurant reservations will no longer appear on the map.

All these changes will take effect from next March 6, 2024 So we still have time to figure out whether we should individually stop sharing our data with Google’s app ecosystem in exchange for accepting restrictions like those mentioned.

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