You’ll never guess how many wedding dresses were created for Jennifer Lopez for her new film

Jennifer Lopez has been very busy over the past few months. Not only because of her marriage to Ben Affleck, professionally too, she has been busy! Result, after Marry Me, we will see her in no less than two new films in the coming months. Not in the cinema but in streaming. First in The Mothera thriller that can be seen on Netflix, then in Shotgun Weddingan action-comedy set for Prime Video (January 27).

Jennifer Lopez: 28 wedding dresses for the actress!

For this film, directed by Jason Moore, J.Lo has partner Josh Duhamel. She plays a soon-to-be bride (a role she masters to perfection!) whose wedding will take an unsuspected turn after the heavenly place where they are to take place is stormed by criminals (yes, yes, it’s a comedy).

And for this film, Jennifer Lopez wears almost only one outfit: a wedding dress. Well, not just one. This summer, during her marriage to Ben Affleck, our friend Jen wore three different dresses. The the figure climbs to… 28 ! Well, it’s still the same one that’s been copied over and over again, but still.

And the person who took on this titanic work – a month of hard work – it’s the Israeli designer Galia Lahav (specialty: wedding dresses). She explained that she had “used special techniques and fabrics so the dress could be altered, torn up and made into a uniform suitable for a glamorous action heroine. » Yes, because it is above all the dress that will suffer in Shotgun Wedding.

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