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They say that love can do everything; however, when making decisions, this feeling can play tricks on you. There are studies that indicate that being in love puts people in a state of irrationality, that is why love follies occur, those that later, when told and narrated, can be very hilarious. Some of them are now shared on social networks such as TikToksuch as the case of a young man who donated a kidney from his body to his mother-in-law and then his girlfriend finished it to marry someone else.

In this note we will tell you this jacarandosa anecdote that has caused various reactions on social networks to the point of being shared in different media.


The story is told in Diario El Tiempo de Colombia and refers to a man who gave, in addition to his heart, a kidney, just to see his partner happy.

Uziel Martínez is the young man who became popular in TikTok for posting a video in which he recounted how he underwent a kidney transplant to give to his mother-in-law, who suffered from a complicated kidney disease.

There would be no problem, if it were not that, shortly after, his girlfriend broke up with him and married another man, according to what he himself told in TikTok.

Anyone is free to join another person if they are single. In addition, if a relationship does not work, it cannot be forced to last, despite the efforts made. For all this, fine; but what strongly caught the attention of the public of TikTok is that just a month after having performed the procedure, the woman went up to the altar to swear eternal love with another subject.

“I donated a kidney to her mother, she left me and got married a month later,” Martínez wrote in a video from TikTok which already has more than 17.3 million views.

The Story Time of TikTokhas more than 2.1 million ‘likes’ and more than 51 thousand shared interactions.

After the uproar that occurred as a result of the anecdote he told, Uziel Martínez decided to block the comments, which were mostly supportive, while, on the other hand, others also showed their disagreement with the subject because they said that they could not be forced to the woman to maintain a relationship despite the act that the young man had, which they described as sexist.

This is the video of TikTok of the young man who donated a kidney to his mother-in-law and his girlfriend finished it to marry someone else; which generated great controversy on social networks.


As far as is known, TikTok is a social network of Chinese origin to share short videos in vertical format. The platform is used to record a variety of situations, from genres such as dance, comedy, and education, etc., which can even be as long as 1 second, up to 10 minutes. Short videos don’t have a set playback time, so when they finish they start over again in an infinite loop.

TikTok It has been downloaded more than 130 million times in the United States and has reached 2 billion downloads worldwide, mobile research firm Sensor Tower revealed, excluding Android users in China.

In the United States, many celebrities, including Jimmy Fallon and Tony Hawk, started using the app in 2018; other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Will Smith and Justin Bieber also joined TikTok.

Among the most interesting data of this social network is that worldwide, 44% of users of TikTok are women, while 56% are men. According to demographic data, 43% of new users are from India. On the other hand, among these users of TikTok90% say they use the app daily.

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