young man in Turkey ended up in the hospital for his date’s kiss

A young woman from Turkey went viral after recounting her experience on a date that ended in the most unexpected way, because then a romantic moment the woman had to undergo surgery.

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Ceyda Ersoy, the protagonist of this story, told through a clip that her date ended abruptly after the young man she was dating kissed her and bit her so hard, to the point that he severely cut her tongue.

“Is it only me who had my tongue ripped out during a kiss?” the young woman wrote in a video, while medical personnel sewed the tip of her tongue. To later add, between the pain and the surprise at what happened, “I don’t know, maybe he really didn’t know how to kiss. It seems I couldn’t get to know him well.”

Fortunately, the incident did not escalate, so after medical assistance the young woman completely recovered her tongue, however, she did affirm that it was very painful.

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The clip went viral with more than 80,000 views, astonished users left their comments: “they tear out their tongues if they don’t stay still”, “how to break your tongue when you kiss”, “Repentance God, what else will we see?”.

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Apparently this is not the first case that leaves a person injured by a bite to the tongue, because in Barcelona a young woman fiercely bit her boyfriend’s tongue when asking for a ‘last kiss’, fortunately the young man managed to be treated on time, while that the woman was initiated a judicial process due to the aggression.

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