Young people, environmental protection as a priority

Young people confirm themselves as a generation sensitive to sustainability but also very pragmatic in their choices. Over 90% recognize the importance of including the protection of animals and the environment in the Constitution, which 56.2% even consider a priority. For 33.4% of the interviewees, safeguarding the environment mainly involves choosing to favor renewable sources. It emerges from the 10th Research Report of the Permanent Observatory on Young People of Link Campus University, with the scientific direction of Professor Nicola Ferrigni and Professor Marica Spalletta.

When asked about nuclear power, 24.2% of young people believe that it is a subject on which there is not adequate information. And if the overall 19.1% recognizes its advantages, such as lower dependence on oil (12.7%) and the production of clean energy (6.6%), the remaining part of the interviewees, on the other hand, highlights the negative aspects: 23.8% emphasize potential ‘side effects’ (terrorist attacks, environmental risks, etc.), 22.6% consider it a health hazard.

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