Young Puerto Rican who suffered a serious accident in Mexico arrives to Puerto Rico tonight by air ambulance

A 29-year-old Puerto Rican who suffered a serious accident in Mexico would arrive to Puerto Rico today, Monday, in an air ambulance to be admitted to the University Hospital, reported the State Department’s assistant secretary for foreign affairs, Felix Lizasuain Martinez.

Ezequiel Maldonado fractured his spine in an accident while vacationing at a resort in Cancun, for which he needed “an urgent transfer to the United States” to perform “an operation”according to social media posts.

“This weekend, on Saturday at around 6:00 p.m., we were notified of the situation facing this young Puerto Rican, who He presents an extremely delicate health picture. Immediately, we contacted family members and began to provide them with assistance in order to adequately and quickly attend to the situation,” said the lawyer.

“With great joy, the young man, today, would be arriving in Puerto Rico”he added.

Lizasuaín Martínez stressed that moving Maldonado to the island required an effort between the government of Puerto Rico, the Department of Health and the federal Department of State, especially the United States embassy in Mexico and the consulate in Mérida.

The assistant secretary for foreign relations pointed out that the Puerto Rican did not have travel insurance and that the plan he has does not cover such expenses.

“The government of Puerto Rico does not have the power in law or the amount for these matters…Eventually, the family will have to take steps to cover those expenses”held.

Relatives and friends of Maldonado have expressed on social networks the need for monetary donations to be able to cover all medical and transportation costs.

“Please, I need your help and cooperation. Thanks in advance for your enormous help”read a petition made on GoFundMe.

On the platform, the young man has received over 227 donations for an amount of $9,727. The goal is $55,000.

The Municipality of Morovis also joined the request for donations for Maldonado.

“Due to the high costs to cover medical expenses, anyone who can collaborate will be more than welcome”the city council published on its Facebook account.

The new day He tried to contact relatives of Maldonado to obtain more details of what happened and the needs he presents, but, so far, we have not received a response.


On the other hand, Lizasuaín Martínez took the opportunity to make several recommendations for American citizens who plan to travel abroad soon:

  • Purchase the travel insurance of your choice
  • Notify of the trips that you will make in the United States Department of State: “That way, for American citizens, in case of an emergency, the embassy where you are is aware. It facilitates and speeds up the necessary procedure.
  • Before you go on a trip, check the notifications of the place you are going to visit.

On the other hand, in the event of an emergency while you are in a foreign country, you can contact the Puerto Rico Department of State via email at In addition, you can search for information on the US embassy in the country where you are located.

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