YouTube improves the way to play videos on Android

YouTube on Android is receiving a small update that seeks to improve the user experience.

A new dynamic that you will notice when you watch a video and want to know how much is left for the content to end. We tell you what it is about.

YouTube for Android change the scroll bar

If you have used the YouTube app on your Android mobile in the last few hours, you will have noticed a small change in the video player. When you are playing the video with dark mode set, you will see that the scroll bar is no longer red, but instead changes to a light gray.

So it goes almost unnoticed when you are watching a video, since it is lost in the player, although when you stop the video or touch the timeline it changes back to red.

Although this novelty does not add new functions or change the dynamics when watching videos, it offers a cleaner interface that does not distract users. While you are watching the video you will not have the red bar scrolling, but it will appear when you want to see the timestamp or how long until the end of the content.

And it is not the only change that is being seen on YouTube. As mentioned in VB, the new YouTube moderation policies are affecting the monetization of game content.

The YouTube Help Center details the moderation policies for gaming video content, and how they affect monetization. For example, inappropriate language, adult content, graphic violence in video games, or the way controversial issues are handled can affect advertising revenue.

One detail to keep in mind is that YouTube’s new moderation policies also apply to old videos, so creators will have to review that content for compliance with this update.

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