You’ve been misusing your iPhone all your life

If you use a fairly large iPhone with one hand, we already tell you from here that you are complicating your life much more than necessary. It’s uncomfortable, you don’t get to all parts of the screen and the usual thing is to have to dedicate all our effort to manipulate it well.

Using two hands isn’t always practical, and big beasts like the iPhone 14 Pro Max are hard to use with just one. But luckily there are some iOS settings you can change that make using your iPhone one-handed a lot easier.

This problem has been around for quite a few years, as phones began to grow indiscriminately. We remember that it went from 4-inch screens to the ones we currently have 6.7 “in some cases. There is no hand that supports this.

Luckily, the market has been readjusting and decreasing screen sizes. More and more brands have taken the scissors following the trend of Apple and Samsung in their top-of-the-range models.

Today it’s time to talk about how we can use the iPhone with one hand just by pulling official options within the operating system iOS. Nothing to use third-party apps or tricks.

One-hand keyboard on iPhone

One-handed keyboard

Apple has a special keyboard tailored specifically for one-handed users. It is designed to keep the buttons closer together when typing words.

The keyboard has a small footprint and can be attached to the side you prefer. To activate it, go to Settings, then General. Find Keyboard and turn on One-handed keyboard.

Screen zoom on iPhone

screen zoom

It’s harder to tap things when they’re small on an iPhone. You can turn on screen zoom to make things appear a little larger so it’s easier to select them. This trick is great for older users, like our parents or grandparents, who don’t see as well as they used to.

To activate it, Go to Settings and then Display & Brightness. Scroll down until you see Screen Zoom. Check Larger Text, then Done. It will ask you to confirm one last time before switching.

touch back

Special shortcuts also simplify one-handed use. One of them is the hidden touch back button. This means that when you double or triple tap the back of your iPhone you will do anything you choose, like open WhatsApp, take a screenshot, or activate the flashlight.

To activate it, go to Settings, then Accessibility. Go to Touch and scroll down to Touch on the back. Here you can decide your activation actions and configure them even by number of touches. It is very useful.

touch back iphone

easy reach

One of the problems with a large, one-handed phone is getting to things above is almost impossible. That’s why Apple created the Easy Reach feature.

Cuts the height of the screen in half so your thumb can easily touch anything without overstretching. To activate it, just slide down the bottom of the iPhone.

easy reach iphone

You can also activate this cheat by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch , then turn on Easy reach. As you can see, it is not very difficult and it is very useful.

This Turk works on all iPhones with touch control and interestingly, at the launch of the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, the dynamic island did not go down, so you had to stretch your finger, but after a recent update, the dynamic island is doubled to put its functions within easy reach without having to stretch it out.

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