Yuli Gurriel discusses deal with Miami Marlins

The 2023 MLB season is less than four weeks away. The vast majority of players are in Spring Training getting ready for the contest. Others have joined their national teams for the World Baseball Classic.

However, in the case of Cuban first baseman Yuli Gurriel, his situation is different. His contract with the Houston Astros ended upon winning the 2022 World Series and he entered free agency. Since then, he hasn’t been able to sign a deal with any major league organization. However, he has been tied to various franchises during the offseason, with which he has been in negotiations.

Miami’s original vision for Gurriel is a right-handed trade-up hitter who can help out at first, second and third base, despite his recent lack of experience at the bottom two positions. That role is apparently still available within the organization and is contingent on Gurriel accepting.

It is very possible that in the next few days Gurriel’s situation in terms of his immediate future in the Majors will be defined. At 38 years old, not finding a team for Opening Day could put him in a very difficult situation in order to continue his career in the Major Leagues. Let’s wait for the decision.

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