Yuri Reveals The Reason She Doesn’t Have Sex Before Her Concerts

Yuri / Agency Mexico

Yuri / Mexico Agency

Yuri opened up about her personal and professional life during the visit she made to the windowingwhere he confessed some of the care he takes to maintain an impeccable voice and revealed the name of the person who will be branded as the villain of his bioseries.

While the interpreter of “Detrás de mi ventana” received praise for her vocal talent, the singer thanked the praise and joked saying: “Blessed be God, because look, when you listen to the public, when there are some singers who do” ha, ha, ha”, don’t judge us, what happens is that andropause and menopause make the voice look like that…it hasn’t given me that yet, although I’m already a first cousin of menopause, but it hasn’t given me” .

However, Yuri revealed that to date he has an impeccable voice because he has to take care of himself before his presentations, such as not having sexual relations.

“I take care of myself, I don’t smoke, I don’t get sunbathed when I’m going to do a show because the sun inflames your vocal cords and makes you hoarse, I don’t jog, I don’t exercise, I don’t cuchi cuchi either before the show […] I can’t jump before the show because I’m a screamer, and then I get hoarse,” she said with a smile.

Hearing the question about whether he was not intimate with his partner just to avoid hoarseness, Yuri added: “Look, opera people, for example, before doing a concert, they can’t jog, because jogging tires you out. strings, panting tires you, then neither does the cuchi planche. So then we do the situations, to relax. And later as a Papantla flyer, from the closet, whoosh”.

On the other hand, the 59-year-old artist stated that she is waiting for the premiere of her biographical series, although as happened in Luis Miguel’s bioseries, it will be someone very close to her who takes the place of the villain in the plot.

“There in the series, which we hope will be released soon, it will be very strong […] There are times when my mother may not be loved very much, because she was strong with me, and look, before she died, without knowing that she was going to leave, one day I said to her, “Mommy, if one day I do my story, would you give me permission to tell everything?’, and my mother tells me ‘if it is going to build, yes, I know that they are going to put me as a sweet potato, but at the end of the road, daughter, did it help you or not that I was strong with you?’, and I say ‘yes’”, he explained.

Finally, Yuri said that for this reason she now feels calmer and is not afraid of bad comments towards the woman who gave her life when the expected project is released.

“She didn’t want me to do the story while she was alive, because she said, if I’m alive sometimes people go with that stuff, and in the supermarkets they’ll throw tomatoes at me, my mom will lie to me, my mom said ‘but if I don’t live, do it, but it will build, especially the mothers who are (protective and controlling), that the mothers of the new artists see, that sometimes one does have to be in the lives of the children, help them, but not control them, they have to hit the floor, daughter,’” she said.

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