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The singer from Hermosillo Yuridia rose to fame from his participation in The academy and is currently promoting his new single and participates as a coach in “The voice“.

However, despite the fact that she is one of the most important Mexican singers of the moment, not everything is happiness for her, since throughout her life she has faced many sorrows and obstacles, such as the death of his brother.

In an interview for Youtubeon the “La Chicuela” program, Yuridia spoke about the loss of her brother, which she considers the most difficult moment of his life and ensures that it is something that to date has not been able to overcome.

The most difficult moment of his life

Despite having learned to cope with his loss, he is very sorry that, due to his busy schedule as a singer, he did not have the opportunity to see him for so long and assures that something that stayed with him is that he does not even remember when was the last time he saw him. he saw.

Just my brother passed away when I was in the National Auditorium, and in the morning they told me that he had already passed away, “said the singer.

It has been difficult for the artist to process that such an intense year of his life, since while the success in his career was taking off to the top, this most heartbreaking event happened.

“I knew that he was hospitalized, but he said; ‘Nothing is going to happen, he’s going to get better’. It did not happen to me that they were going to wake me up in the morning and tell me that he was no longer with us, “said the singer.

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