Yuridia talks about her brother’s death: I don’t remember the last time I saw him

Yuridia Francisca Gaxiola Floresbetter known only as Yuridia, is one of the most important singers of the moment, because now she is promoting her new single and is participating in the new season of the program the voice’where she is one of the coaches.

However, not everything has been happy for the interpreter of ‘No friends, please’because throughout his life he has had to face many obstacles and sorrows, such as the death of his brother.

In an interview with Blanca Martínez, better known as ‘La chicuela’, for her YouTube channel, the singer spoke about the loss of her family member, since the former member of ‘La Academia’ considers it the most difficult moment of her lifesince he could not see much of it because of his artistic activities.

This is what Yuridia had to say:

“I entered ‘The Academy’ in January, I left in July and he died in December. In July I started the tour, that whole year I didn’t see him, so I don’t remember the last time I saw him and that always stayed with me “, Yuridia pointed out.

Likewise, he affirmed that he has learned to cope with what happened, however, he maintained that it is “something that cannot be overcome”. For what he assured that that year was one of the most intense of his life, because his musical career was flourishing, at the same time that he was going through this family misfortune.

“Just my brother passed away when I was in the National Auditorium, and in the morning they told me that he had already passed away,” the singer narrated.

The actress expressed that she still misses her brother

In addition, she shared that she already knew that he was admitted to the hospital, but that, because he was “so into” in his projects, he did not pay much attention to the matter and thought that his brother would be fine.

“I knew that he was hospitalized, but he said; ‘Nothing is going to happen, he’s going to get better’. It did not happen to me that they were going to wake me up in the morning and tell me that he was no longer with us ”, mentioned.

Yuridia is a singer, originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, who was in various singing contests, until, in 2005, she became known for finishing second in the singing program ‘La Academia’.

The singer began her career in 'La Academia'

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