Zac Efron, Kim Basinger, Emma Stone, Woody Allen and all the celebrities who suffer from agoraphobia

It is the obsessive fear of open spaces. There are many celebrities who suffer from it.

Zac Efron, who is experiencing a resurgence of his acting career after being a teen idol especially for the trilogy of Disney High School Musical (from 2006 to 2008), has made public that suffer from agoraphobiaa disorder that consists of an irrational fear of being in places from which it is difficult to escape, outdoor or closed and very crowded spaces.

The 34-year-old actor who stars in the newly released film on Apple TV + The Greatest Beer Run Everhas revealed that the fear he feels of crowds has made him take a resounding determination.

“People in large groups generate a lot of agoraphobia in me. I just don’t go out”. This is how he told the magazine Men’s Healthwhose October issue stars with an extensive report.

Zac Efron is overwhelmed by groups of people.

Zac Efron is overwhelmed by groups of people.

Kim Basinger and her fight

Kim Basinger recently opened up on Jada Pinkett’s talk show Red Table Talk about how has struggled for years with agoraphobia.

The actress recalled that when she was little she suffered from anxiety and that she was afraid that something would happen to her mother, so she felt that “she always had to be at home to save her.” That was leading to agoraphobia, to the point “that couldn’t leave home”. And as an adult, the situation worsened because she “couldn’t go out to dinner nor could I have people in my house.”

Kim Basinger was in therapy for years: “You live with a dry mouth all the time, you’re very shaky, you’re exhausted all the time. It’s like something completely shut down inside you and you have to relearn everything.”

Kim Basinger enlisted the help of her daughter to deal with agoraphobia.

Kim Basinger enlisted the help of her daughter to deal with agoraphobia.

To that fear, the actress of Nine weeks and a half added another:I didn’t want to tell anyone at work what was going on.”. Fortunately, her daughter Ireland, the fruit of her marriage to alec baldwinIt was his refuge in his most complicated moments. “She brought me out of my shell,” she revealed.

The case of Emma Stone

After winning the Oscar for La La Land, Emma Stone shared the mental health problems that have accompanied her since she was a child. The actress confessed that He had his first panic attack at the age of seven.. Anxiety, agoraphobia and nervous problems accompanied her for many years.

“I suffered from acute anxiety from the ages of 8 to 11. Although he was undergoing treatment, he had panic attacks and some episodes of agoraphobia. I couldn’t be away from my mother”, revealed Emma Stone in an interview for The Wall Street Journal.

Emma Stone at the Met Gala.

Emma Stone at the Met Gala.

Over time, Stone hHe has learned to manage his disorders thanks to meditation and therapy, and considers that dialogue helps a lot. “If I can do something to say ‘Hey, I understand you and I’m with you and you can go out there and chase your dreams and have great relationships with other people,’ I hope I can do it,” she added.

Woody, my poor little angel and more

Billy Bob Thornton told the BBC that he probably suffered from mild agoraphobia, since for years he has been reluctant to go out and a “crippling fear” of public places. singer and actor donny osmond He assured in 2000 that “he would have chosen death” instead of acting if he had been given a choice.

Perhaps the best known of all celebrities with phobias and neuroses is Woody Allenand of course, has also suffered from agoraphobia. The filmmaker spent many years assisting a psychoanalyst.

Woody Allen is known for his phobias and neuroses, including agoraphobia.  Reuters Photo/Eric Gaillard

Woody Allen is known for his phobias and neuroses, including agoraphobia. Reuters Photo/Eric Gaillard

the veteran actress Sally Field He has also stated on several occasions that he suffered from anxiety attacks before attending public events.

Macaulay Culkin he had to deal with that disorder from a very young age. The tsunami of instant fame he dealt with after My poor angel turned into agoraphobia.

“I didn’t go to a therapist and he told me. I realized when I started to go out and I felt that the buildings were going to eat me. I wasn’t even aware that I didn’t get out of the house much,” he explained to CNN years ago. The actor has confessed that has solved her problem by taking care of a pet dog and having to take it out at least three times a day.

Macaulay Culkin forces himself to take his dog for a walk.

Macaulay Culkin forces himself to take his dog for a walk.

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