Zac Efron revealed that he would participate in the return of High School Musical

What team? Lynx! It is likely that if you know this popular cry, you are a fan of the Disney movie that starred Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens: High School Musical.

It is that there are many of us who are happy after the streaming platform, Disney + launched the musical series, however, we miss the usual cast. Don’t get me wrong, I also liked the series, but the appearance of Ryan Evans left me with little pleasure.

Despite this, apparently our requests were heard because it seems more and more certain that a reboot of the musical classic could come. The alarms went on even more, after an interview with Zac Efron, the protagonist of the tape.

The actor in charge of giving life to Troy Bolton, assured that he would love to participate in a return of the musical saga. And this news does nothing but excite us, since we all hope to see Zac Efron again in High School Musical.

In a recent interview with E! News, the actor was asked about the possibility of returning and the answer surprised everyone.

«Sure, of course. Seriously, to have the opportunity to go back and work with that wonderful team, in any format, would be amazing,” Efron began.

“My heart is still there. I hope it happens» then added the actor.

High School Musical

Let’s remember that after the success of the musical saga, which included 3 films and international tours, the streaming platform, Disney + created a complementary series.

The production stars Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett, who are students at East High School. There, they must prepare a musical based on the success of the film.

Ryan Evans, played by Lucas Gabreel, has already appeared in the series, but Corbin Blue or Chad is expected to appear in the third season.

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