Zapatero rejects face-to-face debate with Felipe González

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero He has refused to participate in the debate which he challenged Felipe Gonzalez While they have shown themselves willing to accomplish this, despite belonging to the PSOE, the two have maintained different positions in recent years.

in the statements to Zero waveZapatero has rejected the proposal, alleging that his way of understanding his commitment to the PSOE leads him not to debate with colleagues, and even less with someone who shares the dual position of former Secretary General of the Socialists and former President of the Government. As he has said.

Last Friday, González faced the challenge thrown by the journalist Carlos Alsinawhen he pointed out during an interview that the two maintain different stances on the left and that it is even possible that they disagree on what the left is. González left the door open for this debate to take place between the two former socialist presidents, saying, “For my part, without a doubt, I have no problem.”

Among other issues, the former president of the government warned that he was not willing to accept the Venezuelan president as a leftist, Nicolás Maduro: “It’s true that I wouldn’t consider a person like Maduro a leftist, I’m not mature enough for that,” he joked, before calling him a “satrap.”

“What’s more, I don’t belong to the Puebla group. In other words, I don’t have a seal of quality, which is why I feel more alone,” he said, referring to the Ibero-American group of leftist politicians that includes members of the Venezuelan government and includes Zapatero. In any case, he believed it was a good idea to pursue that debate.

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