Zara Has an Insanely Comfortable Fluid Boho Jumpsuit, Just Like Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s ultra-comfortable jumpsuit in The Hamptons

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With privileged views of the sea, cellar, sauna and gym. that’s how it is The $10 million ‘mansion’ that Jennifer Lopez owns in the Hamptons. New Yorkers who want to escape the noise and pollution of the big city are lucky enough to be able to travel to this paradise in just over an hour.

This particular retreat isn’t for all budgets, however. Located in the south of Long Island, the area is characterized by upper-class housing. Film and television actors, singers, elite athletes and big businessmen are the privileged few who can enjoy its natural landscapes, beaches, golf courses and the utmost privacy during their stay.

This is how we got to see Jennifer Lopez enjoying her holidays. After a few days away from the limelight and celebrating his birthday with his family and friends, The businesswoman relaxed while taking a walk with her husband, Ben Affleck.

With her hair tied in a casual bun, JLo wore a variety of ‘effortless’ styled looks (which roughly translates to ‘easy’) during her vacation. This flattering effect, perfect to combat the extreme heat of these dates, is characterized by the choice of a simple and natural make-up, and a dress that seems to have been chosen at random, Prioritizing comfort over everything else.

A fine example of effortless style is the basic look that the versatile artist chose for her casual outings in this privileged environment. dress made of basics The one we all have in our closet: the always-winning combination of a white V-neck T-shirt, ripped wide-leg jeans, and white sneakers.

But it has been another outfit of hers, comfortable yet chic, that has caught the most attention among trend experts. boho fluid jumpsuit in olive green color, long pants and skinny straps, which JLo chose to bike. Along with her inseparable XXL sunglasses, the footwear the New Yorker chose were simple yet beautiful silver flip-flops. A look that’s got to be comfortable and it’s one of our favorites for enjoying the long, cozy days of summer vacation.

We must admit that we don’t know where Jennifer Lopez managed to get this comfortable yet chic boho jumpsuit. The good news is that, through the web pages of our major stores, we’ve found A very similar outfit at Zara.

The Galician firm proposes us as A long jumpsuit with gold buttons, a V-neckline and slim double straps. In khaki colour, it features a front dart and fake button detailing at the waist. The leg is wide and the hem has side vents with buttons. The closure is at the back, with a hidden zipper in the seam.

This jumpsuit is available in sizes XS to XL, although the Zara website itself warns us that “this product runs smaller than usual”. It costs €39.95 (Ref: 4387/222).

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