Zelensky warned that Russia’s intimidation with nuclear weapons is a threat to the world

“Responsible states like Qatar are reliable and firm in exporting their resources and can contribute to stability in Europe. I ask them to increase energy production”the ruler told an audience that included the emir of the host country, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

European countries have promised to cut their dependence on Russian oil and gas, and have already turned to Qatar to seek alternative suppliers.

Germany has promised to build two huge terminals to receive liquefied gas from there, the Gulf country said after a visit by emissaries from Berlin.

“Intimidation with nuclear weapons (by Russia) is a threat to the entire planet”Zelensky indicated on the other hand in a video broadcast live.

“We need a real reform of international institutions to ensure that countries 28 times larger (such as Russia with respect to Ukraine) cannot do what they want”insisted the president, dressed in his usual green campaign shirt.

The president indicated that when the country dismantled its arsenal in the 1990s, it received security guarantees from the most powerful countries in the world, including Russia, according to the translation of his speech reproduced by the AFP news agency.

“But this did not turn into guarantees and in fact one of the countries that was supposed to deliver one of the biggest security promises started to act against Ukraine and this is the ultimate manifestation of injustice.”Zelensky stated.

Regarding Mariupol, a city in southern Ukraine that is besieged and bombed by Russian forces, he compared its situation with Aleppo, the Syrian town that was decimated in the war in that country, and said that the invading troops do not allow the population to leave or food supplies coming in.

“We have to protect the international order not only for Ukraine but starting with Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Somalia, for all the people of the world. For peace,” the Ukrainian president concluded.

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