Zendaya admitted to Andrew Garfield the detail that was missed on the set of Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield has such a natural American accent that even Zendaya forgot he was British.. Both co-stars of Spider-Man: No Way Home reunited for the series Actor on Actors of Variety and revealed how their relationship began and what they think of the incredible scene in which the Spider-Man version of Garfield changes the fate of the girl from Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland.

Zendaya, 25, and Garfield, 38, They had a moment of camaraderie in front of the Variety cameras. “When we were on the set of Spider-Man, I forgot that you were English because you spoke with your American accent all the time,” the actress told him. He told her that it was simpler that way, since she didn’t like to mix different styles or ways of speaking.

Zendaya reveals a detail she always forgot about Andrew Garfield

This was just the beginning of a talk in which they revealed how important the scene where Garfield’s Peter Parker save MJ, Zendaya’s character and love interest of Tom Holland’s Peter.

I love the idea that maybe Tom’s Peter would have suffered the same thing, but somehow he went to that universe and learned from the mistakes of the past and he made sure that his younger brother and his love did not meet the same fate,” Garfield said. With that heroic rescue, when he puts MJ down safely, his character chokes up in tears, remembering how he couldn’t prevent Gwen Stacy’s tragedy.

For Zendaya that was also an emotional moment, in which they connected, even though they had just met. “I met you yesterday, thanks for catching me. You have to cry, I’m sorry, ”joked the Emmy winner, who recalled how happy she felt to read the script and see that it was the first sequence they would record together in the film.

The meaning of the ransom for Andrew Garfield

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Emma Stone’s Gwen falls to her death from a bridge because of the way Peter tried to rescue her, so this is a vindication of her character. Although for many it might not have such a profound meaning, for Garfield was one of the important parts that convinced him to go back to the red suit.

“There is something cosmically beautiful about that. It meant a chance to save Gwen,” she added.

What do Andrew Garfield and Zendaya think of their performances?

The actors also praised each other for their performances. She had barely started the interview when Garfield congratulated Zendaya on her performance in euphoria, where her character Rue fell into the abyss for drugs.

“I want to make you feel very uncomfortable and tell you that it’s one of the most remarkable things I’ve seen an actor do in recent memoryGarfield said. Zendaya smiled and hinted that this was a difficult moment, since after the episode was broadcast she received calls from friends asking about her health. She was not far behind and was quick to praise Garfield’s work, especially for the different tones of voice he gives his characters.. “Actually, an accent and a voice can be triggers to become the character. I am looking for the forgotten aspects of myself that I can activate,” he replied.

Garfield and Zendaya reveal their secrets

about his participation in Spider-Man: No way home, the actors agreed on how much fun they had, especially because they did not stop laughing behind the scenes. That was the first time they shared a set.

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