Zendaya and Anne Hathaway are the new faces of the Bvlgari campaign: video

Zendaya And Anne Hathaway These are two famous actresses of Hollywood, but at the same time they are also liked by the public. However, till now they have never been seen working together. It was in the new Bvlgari campaign where the colleagues could be seen posing for the first time.

The actresses were photographed in Venice and were the stars of the annual Bulgari event, There he could be seen wearing extravagant jewelery and dressed according to the situation. Similarly, in a short span of one and a half minutes, he showcased the new collection of the fabulous brand.

In the video you can see her extravagant watches along with jewelery of all sizes and colours. Apart from this, the company took advantage of the meeting Zendaya And Anne Hathaway To record behind the scenes footage of the photographs and videos that they had to shoot.

On the brand’s social network you can see how good the relationships are between the co-workers and how well they work together. Also on their respective Instagram accounts, the actors showcased the schedule and how they prepared for that special day.

During this, Zendaya And tom holland They are getting more and more attention from the rumors of engagement. for his part, Anne Hathaway Headed the red carpet at the Met Gala.


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