Zendaya and Olivia Palermo, with the most ‘trendy’ minitoupee

    Have you got a good supply of styling gel? It seems that this year we are going to have to get our hands dirty again if we want to go with our hairstyles following the trend. The wet look It will be the star hairstyle for next summer, as we saw on the Milan catwalk. But some of the celebrities plus trendies They have already worn this wet effect in a very specific way and everything indicates that this will be one of the hairstyles that we will see the most during this fall, thus anticipating the proposal that the catwalk made for summer.

    zendaya minitoupee valentino

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    During Paris Fashion Week two well-known faces have coincided with this interpretation of the wet lookconsisting of create a side mini-tupe in the hairline area close to the forehead. Zendaya went to the front row of Valentino completely dressed in black and wearing this hairstyle. She parted the part to one side and smoothed the hair-less parting down against her skull behind her ear. On the other side she created the mini toupee, directing the hair lengths back to her ear. In this way, her face is clear and she gives special prominence to the maxi earrings with black rhinestones that she wears.

    givenchy olivia palermo mini toupee

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    With a difference of just a few hours, on the same day Olivia Palermo opted for a very similar hairstyle to attend the Givenchy show. In this case, the American dispensed with earrings and used this hair look to stylize your image, choosing a turtleneck garment. On the other hand, her makeup also took center stage, in which she left the classic to opt for a double eyeliner made up of a classic line and a eyeliner floating – this is how you do this trend vintage– drawn on the fixed eyelid. Olivia dispensed with earrings and emphasized her neck area more, adding a maxi chain of silver links from which she hung a padlock.

    With these two proposals we can come to the conclusion that the side mini toupee is a suitable hairstyle if what we want is to focus attention on the face or its surrounding areas, such as the ears, in the case of the actress, or on the neck. , as shown by influencer. Secondly, it will especially favor round or square faces, since the elevation of the hair will add a few centimeterscounteracting the width of the face and giving rise to a more harmonious facial oval.

    bella hadid vivienne westwood

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    But the front row of the parades has not been the only place where the hairstyle has been seen. The designer Vivienne Westwood has also wanted to highlight this trend in her fashion show. So, andThis October 1 we have been able to see Bella Hadid parading for this firm with a very similar hairstyle to which the aforementioned celebrities have worn since front row. This can only be an undoubted sign that we must start practicing with hair gel to achieve this wet effect as soon as possible.

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