Zendaya and Tom Holland’s relationship timeline is like a romance novel

Romance is flowing on a thin line this summer. Some of Hollywood’s most irreverent, private, and slightly controversial couples have called it quits, leaving many wondering what’s going on in the air this season. Luckily, there have been many couples who have moved on from this chaotic breakup period, like Zendaya and Tom Holland. Their relationship is based on the ‘friends to lovers’ pipeline, fueled by social media (ahem, BookTok). Year, And for that, fans can thank Marvel.

Since Zendaya and Tom starred in the MCU Spider-Man: Homecoming Their chemistry skyrocketed in 2016. After four years of sweet moments on red carpets and press interviews, the two unknowingly started their relationship in 2021. Since then, the two have largely maintained their privacy. Even with that discreet approach, they haven’t let their romance be overshadowed by marriage and pregnancy rumors.

Here are the complete details from their flirtation to their relationship Spider Man Publicity campaign to curb rumours.

March 2016: Zendaya and Tom officially enter the MCU

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Let’s give Marvel another round of applause. In March 2016, Zendaya was cast as MJ – also known as Mary Jane Watson – in the reboot Spider Man Franchise. Meanwhile, Holland reportedly landed his role as Peter Parker in 2015 and debuted his web-slinging powers the following year. Months after the shooting of the film ended, both the stars showed off their chemistry several times.

As seen above, they were all smiles while attending Comic Con in July 2016. That same month, Tom posted a sweet photo on Instagram of him and Zendaya enjoying the summer weather. Four months later, Zendaya praised Tom by sharing that hollywood reporter cover. “Amidst all the turmoil and sadness, a good thing happened to me today. Honored to share this with the ultimate Spider-Man,” she wrote on Instagram.

June 2017: Zendaya and Tom embark on the cutest press tour run ever

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There was an altercation between the two before the release of the film in July 2017. Chief Co-Star Goals Spider Man Press tour. Whether on the blue carpet, in interviews, or as surprise guests on TV (ahem, their joint appearance). lip sync battle In May of that year), it’s clear that their friendship was meant to be.

July 2017: Zendaya and Tom jokingly deny dating rumors

Their infectious friendship reached a new peak. in an interview with People That year, Holland was surprised by his relationship with Zendaya (no sarcasm). “We are like best friends. She’s so great and amazing,” he said at the time, adding that he learned how to handle fame from Zendaya. “I just call him and say, ‘How do I manage to be famous?’ “I’m so glad I have a friend like him.” BRB, currently sobbing.

It wasn’t long before dating rumors started following them. Both of them became aware of this and refuted these speculations in a light-hearted manner. That same month, Tom and Zendaya responded to a now-deleted tweet that suggested they “Went on vacation together.” Tom joked, “What (Spider Man) press tour count?”

2019: Zendaya reportedly starts dating Jacob Elordi

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There’s no better way to shut down romance rumors than dating other people. In 2019, Zendaya began her tenure as the memorable Rue on HBO’s Excitement, She also reportedly started dating her costar Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate Jacobs on the series.

According to PeopleThe two were “cozy” at the American Australian Arts Awards dinner in January 2020. The following month, they were seen kissing during an outing in New York City. After some more public PDA and a few trips, the two quietly called it quits in 2020. In September of that year, Elordi began dating Kaia Gerber.

July 2020: Tom reportedly starts dating Nadia Parks

Tom also shrugged off the Zendaya romance rumor. In July 2020, the actor candidly revealed his relationship with British actress Nadia Parks on Instagram. According to daily MailThe two reportedly quarantined together during the early days of the pandemic. It is not clear exactly when the pair separated; However, this next moment in the timeline ensures that Tom has moved on.

July 2021: Zendaya and Tom were spotted kissing

August 2021: Zendaya and Tom attend a friend’s wedding together

Although the rumored couple has remained tight-lipped about their romance, that hasn’t stopped them from hanging out in public. The month after their kiss, Zendaya and Tom attended a friend’s wedding together.

September 2021: The rumored couple seems to be making their relationship IG official

After two months of silence, Tom apparently made a powerful revelation about his relationship with Zendaya on Instagram. It’s quite a touching perspective, considering they first began their friendship on stage. On September 1, Tom shared a sweet behind-the-scenes photo of himself and Zendaya on her 25th birthday. “My MJ, wishing you a very happy birthday. Call me when you wake up,” he wrote on the post, which showed the then-birthday girl taking a photo of herself in the mirror. My Heart.

December 2021: Zendaya and Tom reunite for another memorable press run

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Similar to their 2017 press run, their tour for 2021 Spider-Man: No Way Home It was just as prestigious. The two were seen photographed together on several occasions, with Zendaya wearing her custom spider dress. Although MJ is no glam girl, her Marvel character would definitely approve of this look.

June 2022: Zendaya wishes Tom a happy birthday on Instagram

If their carpet conversations don’t warm your heart, their rare Instagram shoutouts will do the trick. On June 1, Zendaya honored Tom’s birthday with a sweet post. “Happy Birthday to the person who makes me the happiest,” she wrote alongside a photo of her and Tom embracing.

That same month, the couple also denied some pregnancy rumors. According to The Cut, the pregnancy rumor started after Zendaya’s TikTok of a photoshopped ultrasound went viral on Instagram. The singer-actor shut down the speculations on his Instagram Stories. “Now see, this is why I stay away from Twitter,” she wrote. “Just making things up for no reason…weekly.”

September 2023: Zendaya happily clarifies engagement rumors

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This wasn’t the only rumor that affected Zendaya and Tom’s relationship. In September, speculation arose that the two were engaged after Zendaya posted a mirror selfie on her Instagram Stories. in the photo, Excitement The star shows off his Golden State Warriors hat; However, many fans couldn’t help but notice that pearl ring on her finger, With playful wit, Zendaya cleared up the rumors in since-deleted stories.

“I can’t post anything, you guys, I posted it for my hat. Like, not for the ring on me Correct Finger, you guys. Seriously, do you think I’d drop the news like that? Do you think? How?” she said in the video while suppressing her laughter.

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