Zendaya becomes the face of the new Valentino campaign

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If there is someone who does not stop appearing on our screens, that is Zendaya. Since its collaboration with the Italian fashion house began in 2020, valentinethe actress has not ceased to be linked to the world fashion. Now, she is starring in the new spring 2022 campaign titled ‘Rendez-vous’.

Recorded on the streets of the warner bros studios in Los Angeles, Zendaya pulls it off in a campaign that aims to showcase: “From the backs of houses to sunny sidewalks, the joy, mystery, and unexpected surprises of the everyday.” With the song by The XX “crystallised” In the background, this project is shot by Euphoria’s director of photography, Marcell Rév.

The firm has shared the video on its Instagram account in which we can see Zendaya with various outfits. The actress begins the video walking through the streets of the recording studios wearing a blue silk top and pink pants accompanied by a pleated cape that ties at the front. After this, the artist wears various outfits, from a large yellow dress that stands out among all the actors in the video, to a green suit jacket and a mini dress with an asymmetrical cut in fuchsia pink. Undoubtedly, one of the keys to this collection is the One Stud Bag, Valentino Garavani bag.

Zendaya is becoming a benchmark in the fashion world. this news ibequeath a few months after becoming the award winner Fashion Icon of the Year in the latest edition of the CFDA Fashion Awards, being the youngest to receive it and making history once again.

In the best moment

the actress of euphoria It is one of the current icons. His successes not only reside in the world of interpretation, but also move to the world of fashion. Thanks to the fame that he is reaping the second season of the series created by Sam Levinson and his presence in the third film of the saga spider-man, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Zendaya has been continuously seen on international red carpets.

It was in the promotion of the premiere of the film in Los Angeles, where we could see the artist with an incredible spider dress, making a nod to the film. Her collaboration with her stylist, Law Roachis one of the reasons for this success.

Zendaya at the presentation of 'Spider-Man: No way home'.

Zendaya at the presentation of ‘Spider-Man: No way home’.


Last month, at the launch of the second installment of euphoria, Zendaya glowed again. This time, she dressed in a black and white Valentino dress that the model had already worn cute evangelist at a parade in 1992.

Thanks to this, the artist is one of the most followed figures and her appearances always give a lot to talk about. In the last one, we have seen her with her partner, actor tom holland, wearing matching football jerseys. Hundreds of comments from your fans They filled the networks with praise and comments towards the couple. This has started to be a constant effect, each image of Zendaya has an extraordinary effect on the Internet.

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