Zendaya confesses what she would like to see in the next season of ‘Euphoria’

Dsince the second season of ‘euphoria’ end, fans of the series have not stopped investigating and coming up with their own theories about what he will have to face next. rue.

But the followers of the HBO series have not been the only ones to uncover curiosities about ‘Euphoria’. The creators of the fiction themselves a few weeks ago uncovered that some of the most important actors were not going to appear in the series at first. Now, it’s been Zendaya which, thanks to an interview, has revealed what she would like to see in season 3 of ‘Euphoria’.

Zendaya confesses that she would like to see time jumps in the new installment of ‘Euphoria’

The actress, who plays Rue in the series, gave an interview to the American medium ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ where she spoke about the series and the news that fans of fiction will be able to see in the third season.

One of the things that Zendaya has confessed that she would like to see is other characters in a deeper way: “It would be very exciting Explore Rue’s High School Characters“, The actress has commented. “I also want to see how Rue deals with her detoxification and all the ups and downs that it can bring to the character.”

In addition, the artist has explained that she considers it important that not only the protagonists, but also the rest of the characters raise existential questions that have crossed our minds at some point: “I want to see that chaos that Rue has in all the characters. I want them to consider what they want to do with their lives when they get out of high school and what kind of people they want to become.”

Zendaya’s statements may be just a small clue of what awaits us in the third season of ‘Euphoria’, which will see the light in 2024.

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