Zendaya dressed totally in pink: the color of fashion

Zendaya wears Valentino's fuchsia and falls in love with its glamour.

Zendaya wears Valentino’s fuchsia and falls in love with its glamour.

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In case you didn’t know, hot pink or fuchsia is the color of the moment, and Zendaya He showed it on the catwalk valentine during the Fashion Week in Paris.

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The famous actress drew attention for being one of the most famous and glamorous guests on the catwalk, and stood out, as always, for her style.

The look, of course also from the Italian brand Valentino, included an oversize jacket, a deep v neckline top and pants flared and wide. The pants, in addition, presented a coquettish detail: some feminine 3d flowers sewn in different parts of the garment. she took a long coat above the shoulders.

To finish the look? Nail platforms of more than 15 centimeters with vinyl effect. The actress calmly walked, and also ran down the catwalk without a hitch while taking photos with her fans and gaining even more admirers.

Between the platforms and the flowers, the look evokes something from the time of the flower power of the seventies but with a more current and modern twist: the choice monochrome.

While at that time the designs exaggerated in patterns, colors, different types of fabric, here they opt for a look more elegant and sober but equally impressive.

The entire set was designed by the firm’s designer Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Zendaya in modern retro-chic

This style retro-chic and feminine was complemented with a hairstyle on the side and the ends up, also alluding to the seventies. The make-up it was a smoky shade with cat eye very pronounced, not afraid to experiment on this too.

Its effect was illuminating and caught the attention of all attendees.

The interesting thing is that we see that wearing only one color will never be boring if you know how to do it well, and that this fuchsia tone can be worn in many ways as it adapts to different moods: whether it’s sunny or cold, the tone is warm and at the same time cheerful for any occasion.

Experts recommend in addition to using fuchsia with more fuchsia, combine it with bright blue, red, or green. All its combinations illuminate the face and surely energize any personality.

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