Zendaya Dune 2 What will happen to Chani in Dune 2? This will be the future of Zendaya’s character

After the magnitude and the success that it presented dunes In 2021, Warner Bros. gave the green light to the continuation of the story to resolve, above all, the story of Paul Atreides in the face of the new scenario that left him at the end of the installment. But just as fans demand, there will also be answers about the future of chanithe Fremen played by Zendaya and that monopolizes the hallucinations of the now Duke of Arrakis.

The director Denis Villeneuve referred particularly to the latter, who in statements to Variety shed light on the path that the actress will travel with this character, emphasizing that she will have a much more leading role than in the first installment.

“For Zendaya, I will say that the first part was a promise. I know we saw a glimpse of her in the first part, but in the second part she will have a prominent role”Villeneuve warned.

Something that the filmmaker complemented, suggesting that “We will follow Timothée and Zendaya on their adventures in the desert. That’s what I’m most excited about going back to Arrakis: spending time with those characters again”.

The big question that remains now is: What does the cinematographic future really hold for Chani?

What will happen to Chani, Zendaya’s character, in Dunes 2?

Obviously, the Canadian director did not set out to more accurately project the development of the character. However, something of the future of Chani can be elucidated by going to the source of all this history: Frank Herbert’s book.

In the first place, it must be clarified that the first film only covered a little more than half of the little more than 700 pages that the work published in 1965 has and, of course, Chani has a much more predominant role in the second portion of the literary work.

For those who have read the book, there won’t be many surprises here. But if you haven’t and don’t want to know details about the plot of the future movie, stop reading this article here.

Warning issued… It is not news that the character of Chani will become the love interest of Paul Atreides and later his concubineonce they begin to share in the sietchs (hidden communities on Arrakis).

The book reveals that Chani is the daughter of planetologist Liet Kynes.developed great potential as a combatant and at the time of his father’s death was under the command of Stilgar.

At first, the relationship between Chani and Paul is difficult due to her distrust, and although he recognizes her from his visions, the bond is not really established until the heir to the Atreides and his mother, Lady Jessica, meet. fully integrate the Fremen thanks to Stilgar.

Chani then initiates an affair with Paul, as a result of which they will have a son, Leto II.who will end up assassinated by a saudakar sent by House Corrino, while Atreides, Lady Jessica and Chani herself visit another sietch.

Chani accompanies Paul on his conversion to the special role among the Fremen known as Muad’Dib, only to see him rise as emperor in later books..

With the Harkonnen and Corrino houses defeated, Chani will effectively become Paul’s concubine, once he marries Irulan Corrino for political and power reasons. Despite her reluctance to join her, the Fremen will accept knowing that in her exclusive intimacy and, it may be said, in her love, he will always remain faithful to her.

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