Zendaya, Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst: Spider-Man’s girlfriends

everyone is waiting to see the third installment of the Spider-Man saga directed by Jon Wattswho had already signed the last two deliveries: Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and spider man: far from home (2019). Movie starring tom holland and zendaya This is one of the most awaited movies Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)who gave him the starting point With the fourth stage series this year wandavision And bottle gourd, thanks to the multiverse a world of possibilities is opening up. Do you know how this trilogy affecting Zendaya and Tom Holland started? we tell you Who are the actresses who have played a pair of Spider-Man?,

Liz Allen, Spider-Man’s first romance

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Laura Harrier is the actress who plays Liz Allen, he makes his only appearance Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and The villain of the tape is the daughter of the vulture, one of the following plot twist In the film, as Peter learns that as much as he likes Liz, it is going to be impossible for him. In the end, their love story remains the same as in the comics: they barely have anything in common.

In the MCU she is the daughter of the villain Vulture.

Elizabeth Banks Loves Peter Parker

Why didn’t you ever realize that? Elizabeth Banks Appears Spider Man (2002), Although she is not officially Spider-Man’s girlfriend in the MCU, the actress has been asked to reprise her role in the new films. Betty Brant is one of Peter Parker’s co-workers daily Bugle, J. Directed by Jonah Jameson, who desperately hates Spider-Man. They have a few dates and they don’t go ahead, but she remains in love with Peter…

In the comics, this is the arachnid superhero’s second romance.

Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy

lead actress of land (2016) and Cruella (2021) He played a very important role in films. the amazing Spider Man (2012) and Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro (2014), since plays Gwen StacyThe first official girlfriend of the superhero Aranid.

Ohfailed If you haven’t seen the movies then in the next sentence! Gwen’s fate is sealed and she dies, leaving a deep scar on Spider-Man’s soul. Hence Emma Stone’s return to the MCU has been ruled out. However, in the Earth-65 Spiderverse, Gwen Stacy is the superhero: Spider-Gwen. And she even has an affair with Miles Morales in the animated films. But that is another story.

To find out what happens to him, watch the movie ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro’ on RTVE Play.

Zendaya and Kirsten Dunst, which Mary Jane do you prefer?

This is probably Spider-Man’s most famous girlfriend: Mary Jane WatsonAlso known as MJ. A character embodied by two very different actresses: Kirsten Dunst and Zendaya. was the first in a trilogy with Tobey Maguire Spider Man (2002), spider man 2 (2004) and spider man 3 (2007).

Among them she was a neighbor of Peter Parker, who had been in love with her since childhood. She became an actress and in time she fell in love first with Spider-Man, and then with Peter Parker. Kirsten Dunst, already a Hollywood icon, just cemented her career in the 2000s and became an iconic MJ. So far.

Will she return to the Spiderverse as Mary Jane Watson?

so zendaya arrived, The new star of this time who creates sensation wherever he goes. And he managed to change MJ’s character, making her more reckless. Besides, mj gone getting a tan, a milestone in Marvel that makes him a unique character in the MCU. To make matters worse, Spider-Man and MJ’s love has moved beyond the screen. Tom Holland congratulates Zendaya with “my MJ”, expensive couple on and off screen love And after becoming her all-time favorite Spider-Man, it looks like the actress is following in the same footsteps with Mary Jane Watson.

The actress is Spider-Man’s girlfriend in and out of fiction GTRES

Black Cat

eventually i will be Black Cat, with whom Spider-Man had a brief relationship during her breakup with MJ, as he later got back together with her and they married. I bet this is on your list of things you didn’t know about Spider-Man. And that’s normal, because they haven’t reached that moment in any of the movies. There has only been one actress who has played Felicia Hardy and she played it without a suit. It was ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)’ actress Felicity Jones. The character is the equivalent of the character that is DC’s Catwoman, but in Marvel,

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