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In his career spanning more than half a century, the filmmaker directed actors such as Willem Dafoe, Geena Davis, Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, Jeff Goldblum, Martin Sheen and Naomi Watts.

This Wednesday, the San Sebastian Festival presents its Donostia Award to Canadian director David Cronenberg for a filmography dedicated to the study of the depths of the soul, on a day in which films from Colombia and Spain entered the competition.

Cronenberg, 79, author of a work that goes from scanners a A history of violencegoing by The fly Y Crashwill receive the honorary trophy at a gala evening in the northern Spanish city.

“Master of biological horror, of disturbing atmospheres and of a universe as personal as it is non-transferable, Cronenberg has directed twenty feature films” in genres such as science fiction, horror, psychological drama or thriller, summed up the festival.

In his career spanning more than half a century, Cronenberg has directed actors such as Willem Dafoe, Geena Davis, Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, Jeff Goldblum, Martin Sheen and Naomi Watts.

In honor of this director who portrays diseases of the soul, San Sebastian will screen this Wednesday his most recent film, Crimes of the Futurewhich competed at the last Cannes Festival.

In this 70th edition of the Basque competition, the other Donostia award went to the French actress Juliette Binoche, who collected it last Sunday.

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Against “prejudice”

The competition for the Golden Shell, the highest award of the festival that will be awarded this Saturday along with the other prizes, was joined this Wednesday Spring consecrationfrom the Spanish Fernando Franco, and The Kings of the worldby Colombian Laura Mora.

In this third feature film by Franco, the young Laura arrives to study in Madrid. At a party, she meets a nice boy with cerebral palsy, David, with whom she begins a particular relationship.

The film deals with sexuality in people with cerebral palsy and the sexual assistance that some resort to, “a topic that is not talked about much” and that usually generates “prejudice,” Franco said at a press conference.

“It is a film that speaks of intimacy and made a little against those prejudices”, since it seeks to “normalize” these themes on screen, explained the director, who undertook a long documentation process for this project.

David is played by Telmo Irureta, an actor with cerebral palsy, who collaborated in the construction of his character.

“Fernando told me from the first moment (…) that anything that seemed to me was not like that or could be put in another way,” he pointed it out, Irureta said.

The cast is completed by actress Emma Suárez, who plays David’s understanding mother, and newcomer Valèria Sorolla, who plays Laura.

violence across the land

The other film presented in the official section was The Kings of the worldthe second feature film by Colombian Laura Mora, about a gang of young people who live on the streets of Medellín.

The leader of the group, Brayan Andrés, Ra, receives a document that returns a land from which his grandmother was evicted years ago by the paramilitaries.

So he embarks with his companions on a dangerous but also very dreamlike journey to that “promised land”, a territory “traversed by conflict” linked to land ownership that has plagued Colombia for decades, Laura said at a press conference. Blackberry.

Mora estimated that his film is especially relevant at a time when leftist President Gustavo Petro promises an “agrarian reform” to redistribute rural property in the Latin American country where land is most concentrated in few hands, according to the English NGO Oxfam.

“The film is shot in a virgin territory cinematographically, since it had not been shot in Bajo Cauca and northern Antioquia, an area deeply crossed by the conflict” and dangerous, Mora explained, but she clung to the idea of ​​recording there. .

The members of the gang were played by non-professional actors, present at the press conference.

Andrés Castañeda, who plays Ra, said pointing to his co-stars: “These gentlemen are part of my life, they are my family, the kings.”

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