Zendaya honors the memory of her late friend Angus Cloud with an interesting detail

Recently, the famous singer and hero of the series “Excitement, ZendayaA curious detail about his late friend, the actor, has been trending on social networks for days now. angus cloudWho passed away a few weeks ago leaving colleagues, family and followers very sad.

On July 31, the family of the famous actor was in charge of publicizing the death of Angus Cloud, which took the whole world by surprise, since He gave no indication that he wanted to kill himself.Even though his father died a week before that.

faced the sad fact actor’s family He spoke to different media and asked for some respect for facing this difficult situation, likewise, some colleagues like Zendaya were present on the social network to write an affectionate message after the passing of their friend.

In addition to the message, Zendaya wanted to share another interesting thing with her late friend, thanks to which the singer published this August 9 on her social network. A story in honor of my friend Angus on his Instagram, The singer shared a picture of the graffiti with her followers Oakland Made in honor of Angus by some of the artists there, where the image of the actor can be seen.

Although it is not entirely clear whether the singer personally visited the site or simply took a picture that was making rounds on the internet, the site has become Hall to honor Anguswhere many of his followers and people in the area “leave their flowers and candles in honor of the co-star”.Excitement,

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