Zendaya is an excellent actress (but not really the queen of the kitchen)

A few days ago, Zendaya shared a funny misadventure in her Instagram story. While cooking, the American actress accidentally cut her index finger, which forced her to interrupt her recipe and rush to the hospital. “See, that’s why I don’t cook”she first commented, showing off her finger surrounded by a bandage, before coming to the following conclusion. “Back in the ready meals life”.

Darnell Appling, her best friend and assistant, who accompanied her in this galley, did not fail to go there with her little ironic spade. “Never a not sharp moment with Zendaya, pardon the pun. Sweet Jesus, help me take care of this woodcock because she is really clumsy”.

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In a recent article, BuzzFeed had fun asking his readers about their most awkward misadventures in the kitchen. And that gives some rather comical stories, from the finger peeled by a steward to the involuntary cutting of the thumb. We decided to do the same at the office, and here are the valuable testimonials we collected. “I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I made a banana smoothie for a friend when we were revising the baccalaureate, he had an anaphylactic shock and left with the Samu :))”, says our colleague Constance. “I almost blew up a girlfriend’s family summer house by turning on the gas oven (thinking for very long minutes that it was not on)”, adds Peter. “My sister burned my arm”, Soberly finished my friend and office colleague Abdallah.

All testimonials are available here.

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