Zendaya is expected to return as MJ in Spider-Man 4

It seems like yesterday that Spider-Man: No Way Home was released in theaters worldwide. As if nothing, almost half a year has already passed and given the emotional ending of the film, fans are all the time waiting for news about the continuation of the franchise. Surprisingly, a report indicates that Zendaya would continue to be part of the arachnid’s history in the MCU and would be returning in her role as MJ for Spider-Man 4.

This week it was surprising that Jon Watts was left out of the Fantastic Four project at Marvel Studios. The director indicated that he needs to take a break from superhero movies. This raised the question of Watts’ presence in the Spidey franchise and the future of it. But it looks like we can rest easy, as Spider-Man producers reportedly plan to continue working with both Watts, Tom Holland and Zendaya.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya would be back for Spider-Man 4

From here, we can only speculate on what the future holds for Spider-Man. All this knowing that in the end Doctor Strange’s spell makes everyone forget about the existence of Peter Parker, including MJ. It has long been thought that Peter’s path as a totally different version of Spidey would continue without the romantic interest that has accompanied him throughout his three solo films.

We could have the trio back for Spider-Man 4

Apparently, the producers have completely different plans and hope to continue counting on Jon Watts, Tom Holland and Zendaya for the fourth installment of the franchise. The report on Watts leaving Fantastic Four puts it this way: “Sony and the producers of Spider-Man have made it clear that they want to reunite with Watts, Holland and Zendaya to continue the series. Watts hasn’t officially left the franchise, but if he were to come through, he sounds like it would be further down the road.”

This is what’s coming for the franchise

Much has been said about the fourth installment of Spider-Man in the MCU and there are already talks to start production on the film. There has even been talk of a new trilogy of the character. Previous reports have also indicated that the producers are actively beginning to develop the future of the story. With all this, there are still no official dates for the start of production or, even more, for the release of the tape.

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Tom Holland will return for Spider-Man 4

It is also necessary to take into account that Tom Holland himself has indicated that he needs to take a break, especially because of the tight schedule he has had between projects from both Marvel and other studios. But it is certain that we will have Spider-Man for a while. It is believed by different media that, putting all the circumstances into perspective, the preparation for Spider-Man 4 would begin at the end of the year 2023.

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