Zendaya isn’t the one getting beat up in the viral video

      Zendaya has become a ‘trending topic’ on Twitter this weekend, although this time it has nothing to do with one of her romantic videos with Tom Holland. Surely you already know what we are referring to, since the actress has been the subject of many comments in the last few hours. In case you are not aware, we quickly put you in context. This weekend, some unfortunate images have been viralized in which a woman is seen receiving a brutal beating by a man, whose face has not been revealed.

      In the images, published by TMZ, the man punches the woman several times, then kicks her in the face. The clip, for which we do not know the context, was recorded from a distance in what appears to be the interior of a store. The images have spread like wildfire through social networks, since the victim It has very similar features to Zendaya.

      The physical similarities of the woman in the video with Zendaya have given rise to much talk on Twitter, although the representative of the actress has already confirmed to the aforementioned medium that it is not about her. “This woman in this video is NOT Zendaya at all, despite all the speculation. Case closed,” he said.

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      Apart from the comments on the identity of the woman, social networks have turned to bring to light the identity of the aggressor, although it is still unknown.

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