Zendaya on the Trail of a Surprising Historical Figure, by Denis Villeneuve (Dune)

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Zendaya may be set to play an iconic figure in history in Denis Villeneuve’s new film.

Denis Villeneuve is one of two of the most prestigious names in contemporary cinema, responsible for works such as “Sicario”, “Arrival” and “Blade Runner 2049”. Recently, Villeneuve accepted the challenge of filming Frank Herbert’s “inappropriate” romance, “Dune”, in theaters.

Released in a very complicated period of the pandemic, it ended up being a critical and public success at first, winning six Oscars in 2022. With “Dune: Part Two” set to be released next year, I wonder what Villeneuve’s next project will be.

O World of Reel reports that Denis Villeneuve is preparing to direct “Cleopatra” for Sony, with rumors indicating that there are no more notable names listed for the cast. Initially, the story was rejected by Villeneuve’s representatives, but he won over once again by emerging as a project in progress by Production Weekly.

What has been said is that Zendaya, while working with Villeneuve on “Dune,” will be living in Egypt’s famous rainforest.

According to rumors, “Cleopatra” will revolve around Rainha, a cunning strategist and shrewd negotiator, and will follow her life which lasted less than forty years. This project will advance our marriages with two marriages, resulting in a brutal civil war and toxicity respectively. A life full of ambitions, full of incest and murder with family characteristics.

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The narrative will also explore the relationship between Cleopatra and Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius, two of the most prominent Romans of the time and the only people reportedly to have had a sexual relationship. Despite being married to another woman, Caesar has a son with Cleopatra. After his death, the rains of Egypt came together to give birth to three more children as Caesar’s patrons.

The epic film will feature Cleopatra as the richest ruler of the Mediterranean and the most influential woman of the era, as she and Antonio attempt to create a new empire, an alliance that symbolizes their government.

The project’s storyteller David Scarpa (“Napoleo”) classified it as “a two-hour political thriller, full, messy, full of murders”, Sujo, Sangranto and explicit material.

Apart from Zendaya, it is speculated that Timothée Chalamet is considered to play the role of Octavius ​​and Daniel Craig is the favorite to play Emperor Julius Caesar in the project, which will be filmed in Italy.

Before “Cleopatra”, we will be able to see Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet together in “Dune: Part Two” on March 1, 2024 in the United States.

Trailer | Dune: Part Two, A Love Story in the War Century

And you, do you believe that Zendaya will be Cleopatra Boa?

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