Zendaya Shares Details of Her Next Film “Challengers”

By: Augustine Miranda

actress, singer and model Zendaya is the cover of EliGlobal magazine focused on fashion, beauty, health and entertainment. With her face, looks and imprint on every corner, she was encouraged to talk in depth about the next film in which she stars as the protagonist:”challengers,

directed the film Luca Guadagnico And it will come to light only in 2024. However, expectations were high after it was presented trailer, the artist is going to play a part prodigy tennis player, TashiOne who chooses to dedicate himself after suffering a serious injury trainerContinue to give your all to the game.

Although the film focuses on the world of tennis, it takes a more global look at the scenarios Tashi has to face. love triangle in which he meets Two brothers mike fist (as Husband Tashi, by art) and josh o’connor (as her ex-boyfriend, patrick,

Of course, this would be a great opportunity to see Zendaya one in too many different aspects We’re used to it (like Rue’s role in Euphoria, or even MJ in Spider-Man). Now, the focus could be on an adult perspective, playing up the nuances of “daring” and sensual. “I thought it was a good move to second roleI guess you can say ‘adult’ and move on to the next step,” he explained. Eli,

The actress revealed that she is being questioned so much about the character she plays that she is herself. He is surprised by Tashi’s decisions,

“The important thing for me was that he didn’t apologize for it. Sometimes characters that are messy and conflicted And bossing other people down is something reserved for (actors) who don’t look like me, so when I get a chance to play a character like that, I jump at it!”

In addition, he confessed: “The more I had to pretend to play tennis on camera with an audience, the more intimidated I became. And i wasn’t even using a real ball, I’m just doing form and footwork and swinging correctly and doing it in front of a bunch of people. Like it’s the US Open, and I’m scared,

On the other hand, his classmate O’Connor highlighted the great work he witnessed on the recording set: “It’s crazy how he did it. You really feel sorry for her, like, oh my god, poor Tashi. but wait a minute He has these people under him. he has complete control over them, i remember your other projectsthey are all very wide and different, He doesn’t rest on his laurels, so it was surprising to me that whatever he did challengers felt like Ni idea,

watch the trailer for challengers,

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