Zendaya shows how her Range Rover engine roars

Zendaya manages to dazzle everyone, whether it’s on the big screen, at an awards show, or on the streets of Los Angeles. On this occasion, she surprised everyone on top of a luxurious Range Rover that steals all eyes. Slide and find out more!

At his early 26 years, zendaya She has managed to position herself as one of the most successful women in Hollywood at the moment. From interpreting to M.J. in the Marvel saga, spider-manuntil being part of Dune beside Timothée Chalamet, the actress has managed to surprise in all her roles. However, the one that gave her the most awards and moved us the most was her interpretation of rue in the HBO series, Euphoriawhich gave him his first Golden Globe.

Undoubtedly, his successful career in the world of acting, which is constantly growing, has given him fame and, mainly, great fortunes. It is estimated that his assets have a value that amounts to the sum of 20 million dollarsa figure that allows him to lead a true life full of luxury worthy of a celebrity.

And these luxuries are evidenced with the cars that the actress drives. Well, they have captured Zendaya behind the wheel of an impressive model of the British company, Land Rover. The artist enjoys driving this SUV through the streets of Los Angeles, stealing all eyes on her. Clearly… Who wouldn’t turn around to see a ship like this driven by a celebrity like her?

It’s about a Range Rover SV Autobiography, a more luxurious and exclusive version of the classic SUV. This machine is equipped with a 5-liter supercharged V8 enginewhich allows to develop a maximum power of 577 horsepower. Furthermore, its value rises up to the sum of 220 thousand dollars approximatelya figure that only millionaire celebrities like Zendaya can afford.

Undoubtedly, the American knows which cars to choose that match her elegant and incredible image. It shouldn’t be long before we can see her on top of this Range Rover accompanied by her partner, the famous English actor Tom Holland.

Zendaya rides through the streets in a Range Rover SVAuobiography.

Zendaya’s Range Rover puts out 577 horsepower.

Zendaya’s Range Rover has a value that can reach up to 220 thousand dollars.

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