Zendaya: The new queen of Egypt?

American actress Zendaya was publicly released in 2010 in the series “Shake It Up” on Disney Channel. He plays Rocky Blue, a 13-year-old teen who is set to become a professional dancer with his best friend CeCe, played by Bella Thorne. This role allows you to reach a certain fame and popularity. For the suite, she will receive lead roles in the film “The Greatest Showman” or repeat in the series “Euphoria”. The series will air on HBO.


Filmmaker, screenwriter and Canadian producer Denis Villeneuve, who created the film “Dune,” will perform his collaboration with Zendaya. In 2020, the developer made “TVA” available to the media. , “Cleopatre de vivre et viveur film historique sur la vie ce project de. J’épère l’émaneur à l’écran avant ou après la deuxième parti de Dune”, Denis Villeneuve’s film “Cleopatra” is set to tour in 2024 and stars Zendaya as the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.

Thimothee Chalamet and Daniel Craig made another film appearance to play Octavius ​​and Cesar.


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