Zendaya To Star In “The Princess Diaries 3”! This is expected to be the plot of the movie

After nearly two decades, Mia Thermopolis has also returned to the screen as the Queen of Genovia.

It was in 2001 and 2004 that Disney decided to give birth to a real life my thermopolisembodied by Anne HathawayWhich became a classic for generations who grew up watching such productions, dreaming of one day being called by royalty and discovering that their true origins are a dynasty of kings and queens.

Although it is clear that this type of thing doesn’t happen in real life, it seems that continuing to dream has been a strategy that has worked, so soon we will see a similar story again, but this time we’ll have a different hero, okay mary is now queen of genoviaGive someone else instead of the princess.

It’s about neither more nor less ZendayaThe 26-year-old actress, who has managed to establish herself as one of the hottest favorites in recent years, has played pivotal roles in major productions such as MJ in “Spiderman”, Rue Bennett in the hit series “Euphoria”, Chani Are. In “Dune”, among others.

What will be the plot?

According to various US media, the story of the new production will revolve around the life of the new princess of Genovia, played by Zendaya.

Ax’s @MyTimeToShineH account reads, “A biracial teen learns that Mia Thermopolis is her half-sister, so she moves to Genovia to live among royalty.”

So far, the star has not said anything about this, so this information is in the nature of speculation.

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