Zendaya’s intensive training for a sculpted body in her new film

After Euphoria, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Dune, we can’t wait to find Zendaya in her next role. The actress always manages to surprise us with interpretations more different and varied than each other, and each time, she brings her character to life perfectly. But her performances require preparation, and for her new film, Zendaya has the right to intensive sports training.

Zendaya’s intensive training

In his next film, Challengers by Luca Guadagnino, Zendaya will play Tashi Donaldson, a former tennis player who will become the coach of her own husband, Art Donaldson. Between a few dramas and a love story, Tashi will try to raise her husband to the rank of Grand Slam champion, and this by all means. But to play the role of a professional tennis player, Zendaya had to face a a physical training intense.

Some photos from the shoot have leaked, and we can see a Zendaya dressed in a white dress, a racket and a pair of sneakers. And she plays tennis like she always has. We can imagine that the actress had to train for days and days, to be able to master the art of the racket, and to have a physical condition similar to a top sportswoman.

Zendaya’s involvement in her roles

We know it, Zendaya can do everything. She can sing, dance, act, and according to Tom Holland, she can also draw very well. But even if the actress is full of talent, she had to prepare for her different roles.

  • Dance in Shake It Up

If Zendaya has been dancing since she was little, Shake It Up required hours of practice. To learn the choreographies, but also to be in sync with her co-star, Bella Thorne.

  • The stunts in The Greatest Showman

In The Greatest Showman, Zendaya played Anne Wheeler, a trapeze artist with pink hair, alongside Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman. But to play the role of a trapeze artist, we suspect that she had to train a little. Yes, since she did her own stunts.

Zendaya takes on the role of Rue in Euphoria, a drug-addicted teenager who struggles with her addiction, but also with herself. Season 2 was particularly difficult for the actress to play, especially episode 5, the one where Rue runs away from home after a strong argument with her mother and sister. “It was very difficult. I mean, I fought. I still have scars on my legs and I had a lot of bruises,” she even told Entertainment Weekly.

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