Zenless Zone Zero Reveals More Details Ahead of Launch

There are only a few days left until the next bomb goes off. HoYovers, this will be added to Genshin Impact And Honkai Star Rail among others. Just like that, Zenless Zone Zero It’s going to be a hit, or at least I really like it since I got to try it out last year at Gamescom. Urban style, unique visual style, charismatic characters and fun battles are synonymous with sure success.

To build hype, the company held a typical broadcast detailing what to expect next. 4th of July. On the one hand, we have a great opening song, “Come Alive.” On the content level, we will have two open areas to explore (Barrio No. 6 and Plaza Luciente), as well as a new floor that we will be able to personalize with photos or where we will be able to listen to music. As for the story, we will have time until the third chapter, which will allow us to meet several factions and characters.

Of course, thanks to pre-registration, all users will be offered several rewards for obtaining several characters. They have many names, but the full list will be: 1600 movies, 70 original tapes, 20 encrypted tapes and 80 bunbupons. Zenless Zone Zero will be launched simultaneously on PS5, Android, iOS and PCand I’m already looking forward to entering this futuristic city.

Preliminary program

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Game opening song

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