Zeno Debast sees his career take another turn

A year ago, Zeno Debast played with the U19s against Spain. He is now with the Red Devils after a good start to the season.

Debast sits quietly in a press conference, smiling. He who has only 21 professional meetings is living his first minutes as a Red Devil “I am very proud to be sitting here today”, he declared during his first press conference as a that Diable Rouge “It’s a learning moment. I want to get everything I can out of it. The most important thing will be to have fun and learn from the experienced guys. It’s a little easier since Jan (Vertonghen, editor’s note) also plays at Anderlecht. We have already spoken about it and it facilitates the links here.”

His career plan has just taken a turn. “No, honestly, I didn’t expect it so soon. Everything that happens now is a bonus. Who do I have to thank for this? My parents and my girlfriend especially, for their support. And Craig Bellamy, who m “Learned to be more aggressive. And also Vincent Kompany, of course. It was a special moment to work with such an experienced man. But Bellamy taught me maturity in defence.”

In youth, he was an attacking midfielder, and it still shows in his game today. He has become a modern central defender. “You know, I admired Cristiano Ronaldo above all. Not only for what he showed on the pitch, but also for what he does off it. A pro through and through, he takes care of himself. He’s an example. And as a defender: Vincent Kompany. He was the biggest one I looked up to. Being able to work with him afterwards helped me.”

I’m calm, not stressed at all, even if playing for your country is different

The 18-year-old seems impervious to stress. But what will happen if he takes minutes from playing in front of his own supporters this Thursday? “(Laughs) The fact that I always stay calm is an advantage over others, yes. I try to deal with it in the same way. But playing for his country is something else again. We will see when came.

“Is he dreaming of the World Cup? “I take what I can take,” Debast said with a shrug. “Each selection is important to gain experience. I’ve always dreamed of wearing this jersey. What do I think of the new shirt? I know it’s special, but I think it has a certain cachet.”

Debast Zeno
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