Zero Hour, popular section of Mar del Plata Film Festival, comes to Gaumont

National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and Mar del Plata International Film Festival launch the cycle zero hour at gaumont, an event that follows the guidelines of the Zero Hour section, a mandatory appointment at midnight of the Festival. Meetings take place on Tuesdays in August at 10 pm in the Leonardo Favio Room with their usual presentations.

in the words of paul countArtistic Director of the Festival, “Since its creation in 2009, the public’s support has made Hora Cerro one of the favorite sections of the loyal audience, which has already become a community. Perhaps most importantly is its selection of titles, which focuses on horror, action and science fiction, animation and black comedy, appealing to younger audiences and lovers of genre and cult films.,

Opening Tuesday, August 1 with a premiere in Argentina beau is scared (Beau Is Afraid), directed by Ari Aster – director devil’s legacy (Hereditary, 2018) and Midsomer: Terror Does Not Wait for the Night (2019)— and starring Joaquin Phoenix, Patti LuPone, Amy Ryan, Nathan Lane and Parker Posey. beau is scaredA feature film that has sparked passionate controversy on social networks has been graciously donated by distributor Diamond Films for participation in the cycle.

Also previewing Tuesday, August 8, courtesy of Diamond Films tell me (Talk To Me, 2022), the most anticipated horror film of the year, directed by talented Australian twin duo Danny and Michael Filippo, who make a sensation on their YouTube channel, RackRaka, which is filled with videos suitable only for horror lovers. Adrenaline.

Programming will continue on Tuesday the 15th History of the occult (2020), by Cristian Ponce – who will be present in the room – with German Baudino, Nadia Lozano, Agustín Recondo and Héctor Ostrofsky, a cult film that was part of the Argentine competition of the 35th edition of the March International Film Festival del Plata, where it won won the Best Latin American Debut Feature, awarded by the Critics Young Jury, among other awards.

tuesday 22 will be the turn Jaws (Mandibules, 2020), by Quentin Dupieux, with David Marsais, Grégoire Ludig and Adele Exarchopoulos, a comedy composed by Metronomy, in which friends Manu and Jean-Gabe adopt a giant feathered pet that causes them more than one problem Will put in The launch will be done in collaboration with the French Embassy in Argentina and the French Institute of Argentina.

Closing the circle, on Tuesday the 29th you will be able to see another national cult film that has conquered audiences around the world: Terrified (2017), written, directed and composed by Damien Rugna, who will attend the screening and speak with the public. Terrified describes a horrifying nightmare in which terror seeps into every corner of everyday life. The film, starring Maximiliano Ghion, Norberto Gonzalo and Elvira Oneto, was part of the Argentine competition of the 32nd edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival.

The bicycle will also be displayed at the INCAA Chauvin Space in the city of Mar del Plata, with the title and dates to be confirmed.,

The Mar del Plata International Film Festival, which will take place this year from November 2 to 12, is one of fifteen festivals in the world classified as “Class A” by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF), the category it shares. , among others, is the only one of its kind in Latin America, along with Cannes, Venice and San Sebastián.

Gaumont Cinema
Rivadavia 1635, CABA.
Leonardo Favio Room

tuesday 8
talk to me / talk to me
Australia – 2022 – 95 minutes
Director: Danny Filippou, Michael Filippou
Screenplay: Michael H. Beck, Danny Filippou, Bill Heinzman, Daly Pearson
Cast: Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanaji, Miranda Otto

tuesday 15
history of gupta period
Argentina – 2020 – 82 minutes
Direction and Screenplay: Cristian Ponce
Cast: German Baudino, Caspar Unkel, Hernán Bengoa

tuesday 22
jaw / jaws
France – 2020 – 77 minutes
Direction and Screenplay: Quentin Dupieux
Starring: David Marsais, Gregoire Ludwig, Adele Exarchopoulos

tuesday 29
Argentina – 2017 – 87 minutes
Direction, Screenplay and Music: Damien Rugna
Starring: Maximiliano Ghion, Norberto Gonzalo, Elvira Oneto, George L. Lewis, Juliet Valina, Damian Salomon, Agustin Rittano

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