Zero self-criticism, the ridiculous statements of Edson Álvarez after the match with the Mexican team

Criticism rained down on Edson Álvarez
Criticism rained down on Edson Álvarez

In Mexican soccer it seems that self-criticism does not exist, the players sometimes make very regrettable statements that do nothing more than ignite the anger of the fans who always reproach them for their lack of commitment and quality as well as bad performances like yesterday at the Azteca Stadium.

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The Mexican fan has been treated like a fool for a long time, they have limited themselves to selling mirrors, to selling the Mexican team as an elite when in life Mexico has been an elite team. They have wanted to sell our players as something they are not, as figures.

Mexico has had one of its worst games against the United States where the lack of forcefulness, the shots without force and the goal plays without specifying were the order of the day, without a doubt an extremely desperate game.

“Only those who know football will recognize that we played a good game” the ridiculous statements of Edson Álvarez

Edson Álvarez, current Ajax striker, made a very controversial statement, which caused criticism from fans and sports programs to rain down on him, considering that only those who know about soccer will know that the Mexican team played a great game, in addition to declaring that the The game leaves him with very good feelings, he simply missed the goal.

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