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Like her predecessors, outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel was able to choose three songs to be played by a military band during the end-of-mandate ceremony at the Interior Ministry on Thursday. Merkel has included in her short playlist an 18th century Christian hymn, which recalls both her Protestant theologian father and the identity of his party (the Christian Democratic Union) and also the most famous song by singer Hildegard Knef, Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen, which speaks of ambition and the desire for success. For the ceremony, which will anticipate the inauguration of his successor Olaf Scholz, expected next week, he then chose a song by Nina Hagen, one of the most famous punk artists in Germany: an unusual choice, of which some have tried to trace the reasons.

Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen (“You Forgot Color Film”) was recorded in 1974 and is a Schlager-style song, based on simple melodies and catchy accompaniment; about Hagen berating her boyfriend Michael for taking only black and white photographic film on a vacation, so “no one will ever know how beautiful it is here.” Merkel has not commented on her choices, but some hypotheses have been made in recent days.

Hagen’s song was enormously successful in the German Democratic Republic, the former East Germany (DDR), the place where Merkel grew up and where Hagen was also born, who then at the end of the seventies moved to the then West Germany becoming very also famous internationally.

The song was not censored by the GDR, but according to many it was a veiled criticism of the socialist republic, where society was rigidly uniform and color films were a very precious commodity. Others, cited by Guardian, they also noted that Merkel’s choice may be somewhat feminist, and represent frustration with some male colleagues.

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