Zidane’s response to the offer to be coach of the United States team


The federation of USA defines the future of Gregg Berhalter after a scandal involving the domestic violence coach, for which his position at this time was taken Anthony Hudson as interim.

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While they define what will happen to the North American coach, the managers began to look for alternatives and one of the names contacted for the position was nothing more than Zinedine Zidaneas published L’Equipe.

The French coach, who has not led for more than a year, was left without the possibility of taking the reins of his country’s national team after the renewal of Didier Deschamps until 2026.

According to the aforementioned media, Zidane received the proposal from ‘Team USA’ for the next World Cup that will be held in USA jointly with Mexico Y Canada.

Zidane refused to lead the United States team and will continue to wait for France.

However, ‘Zizou’ decided to reject the offer, so the possibility of seeing the former coach Real Madrid at the head of the American squad was diluted.

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L’Equipe remarks that Zidane will not take charge of any selection unless it is Francebut that would only be possible until 2026 when the link of Deschamps with ‘Les Bleus’ finish.

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In addition to the proposal USAthe Frenchman would also have been contacted by the federation of Brazil Y Portugalbut his answer was the same.

”I want to and will be one day. When? It’s not up to me. But I want to close the circle with France. If it has to happen, it will happen when it happens. Once again, it’s not up to me. The French team is the most beautiful thing there is, ”Zidane stated about his desire to lead the world runner-up when he turned 50.

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