Zinapécuaro, where the massacre took place, a town of displaced people

Zinapécuaro.— The violence generated in the municipality of Zinapécuaro by the cartel war, which on Sunday night led to the murder of 20 people in a palenque, turned the phenomenon of migration into a displacement of entire families to the United States. and Canada.

One of these cases is that of a mother —whose identity is withheld for security reasons—, who left her hometown, Araró, and all her assets, to flee with her husband and children, forced by a lieutenant of La Familia Michoacana (criminal group based in that region).

He narrates that one day they closed the place where they worked due to the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 and they were unemployed.

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“We lived day to day and decided to sell face masks, antibacterial gel and disinfectants; however, the bad guys immediately fell for us to ask us for a fortune in installments, ”he says.

The woman details that the criminal organization forced her to sell the products they wanted and at the price they set. She assures that the products that the delinquency sold them were much more expensive than in the market and the quotas were unattainable.

“I remember that one Sunday they came to the house and in front of my children they told my husband and me that we already owed them 300,000 pesos in fees and merchandise. It was obvious that we did not have them; I told them that his merchandise was there and they didn’t want it. They took a motorcycle from us and threatened us that they would come back”, and he adds that this happened in December 2020, but in January of last year, when the clashes began, the threats were already death threats.

“That January 15 we decided to grab what we could of clothes, papers and we left town, because they were going to kill us. You don’t play with those people, we know that,” he says.

First they went to another town, then they left the municipality and now she lives in another part of the state, since her husband, children and brothers fled to the United States.

He explains that he could not leave with his family, because his mother (of advanced age) has not wanted to leave Zinapécuaro, despite the fact that today it has become a battlefield due to the war between The Michoacan Family and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

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displaced increase

The director of Attention to Migrants of the municipality, Cecilia Alejandra Escalante Fierros, confirmed that since the violence increased in Zinapécuaro, a massive displacement of families began.

“The migration of people from here has been more constant; in addition to the economy, by violence; it is very difficult to survive here,” he declares.

He assures that as of December 2020, many inhabitants decided to go to the US or Canada with work visas.

“There are a lot of people who are looking for a way to get out of here. We calculate that of the total number of families in the municipality, 50% to 60% want to leave.”

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