#ZNCine – News of the week #2 August 2023


Another week we begin with farewells and on this occasion it is very painful, because on 7th August we said goodbye to the veteran American filmmaker. William Friedkin, Oscar winner with Immaculate french connectionalso redefined horror cinema, widely regarded as the best of the genre. the ExorcistBased on the novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty, which made him a referential director. He also worked on many other memorable projects throughout his career. Cursed Burden, On The Hunt, To Live And Die In Los Angeles, The Tutor, The Prey one of two killer joe, May the earth shine for him and may Pazuzu protect him.

unfortunately this week we’ve not only fired William Friedkin, as two musical personalities closely associated with the audiovisual medium also died. While he left the world at the age of 81 sixto rodriguezwho has become an icon after being the center of the classic and Oscar-winning documentary searching for Sugar Man which on the other hand analyzed his peculiar and little-known artistic career Robbie RobertsonThe originator of the monumental The Band, who died after giving us the enduring song and that monumental song the last waltzdirector Martin Scorsese, which included the last performance of that unique group. May you both rest in peace.

with the establishment of james gunn And Peter Safran With the new DCU in charge of shaping it, we thought the informational chaos that has marked the journey of the DC Cinematographic Universe would be over, but it seems the communication problems repeat themselves; And one doesn’t have to look far back to remember the unpleasant incident that happened to him. Henry Cavill after his appearance in black adam and with false conversation Dwayne Johnson While Gunn and Safran were already looking for their new Superman, making contradictory statements and projecting a terrifying image at the organizational level; Well, this week we saw a new chapter, this time girl gadot as the protagonist (who, by the way, premiered this week in the action film agent stone on Netflix): What’s more, the actress made some strange statements in an interview at the beginning of the month comic book in which he announced the third installment of Wonder Woman and claimed to have a meeting with james gunn And Peter Safran, in which he would have confirmed its development; A curious announcement, both for the fact of retaining such an important character of the previous status quo in the supposed reboot of the DCU and for Gunn and Safran already in development in Chapter 1 of the DCU, Gods and Monsters, about a series Amazon Paradise Lost, Well, according to multiple reliable sources, Collider was in charge of bringing the news this week, wonder woman 3 It will not happen in development; soon after it will Diversity Whoever published an article in the same direction, according to their sources, assured that no promises have been made to Gadot nor have there been any definite discussions regarding her placing Wonder Woman in the new DCU, while it was confirmed that is that which is in development. still the above prequel series Paradise Lost, At the moment, neither Warner nor Gunn (willing to deny the rumors via their social networks) have spoken about it, but the lack of coordination in public appearances doesn’t leave a good taste in mouths regarding the DCU. Remember, it premieres in the same month blue beetle And for those who don’t like so much informational noise that brings back bad memories of other times.

trailer of the week

Chile’s new cinematographic proposal is unusual and daring pablo larcen ,Jackie, Spencer) For Netflix, count is a dark comedy, shot in black and white, that explores the possibility that dictator Augusto Pinochet is not only still alive and among us, but he’s a 250-year-old vampire. highlights that there will be copious amounts of violence and sex and that its cast Jaime Waddell, Gloria Munchmeyer, Alfredo Castro one of two Paula Luchsinger among others and will hit the streaming platform on September 15.


With the summer so hot, many of us are counting down the days until autumn arrives, and with it comes the spooky season leading up to Halloween and where the genre’s high stakes usually begin. And it looks like this year we’re not going to be bored, and this week we finally got our first look at Fall of Usher’s Buildingnew series of Mike Flanagan which not only presented its first images and an evocative teaser but also confirmed the release date of the next one on Netflix October 12 °that guarantees us, if we don’t binge watching, chilling almost until All Souls Night. After giving us miracles like this, Flanagan is a safe bet Hill House Haunt, The Haunting of Bailey Manor or the jewel that we never tire of claiming to be midnight Mass, with Fall of Usher’s Buildingwhich will feature eight episodes, highlights Flanagan’s immortal work Edgar Allan Poe modernizing it and taking it into its own territory, with a cast in which we see the usual faces of the director’s work such as Carla Gugino, Rahul Kohli one of two Kate Siegelwith names like bruce greenwood And Mary McDonnell Like Roderick and Madeline Asher, Two Siblings Who Have Perfect Style succession, has somehow risen to the top of business with his family pharmaceutical company, until unexplained deaths begin to uncover a dark past in the family. Be aware, too, of the presence of icons like Mark Hamill, who we last saw with his hilarious appearance in the “horror” series. what do we do in the shadows, To round out the great news of Flanagan’s return, and to the delight of many, the director announced this week on Fangoria’s The Kingcast podcast, that he and his team are making “huge progress” on the Dream television adaptation. . dark towergreat story of Stephen King (which Flanagan has already adapted into extraordinary doctor sleep), and that the series will be the number one priority for Flanagan and company once the current strike in the Hollywood industry ends.

We are not shying away from the horror genre with the new proposal of AppleTV+, a platform that usually goes unnoticed but is one of the best in recent times in terms of original productions: on this occasion, it brings us the first preview of the ChangelingA series that reminds us a lot of Cervantes when it comes to bringing the supernatural in a family atmosphere with a story (based on the novel) Victor Lavelle published in 2017) that follows a young woman (clark baco) Joe, after traveling to Brazil and meeting a strange woman at a lake where he was told not to go and who gives him a mysterious amulet that should grant him three wishes, ends up with a man Apollo Kagwa returns to her country to establish relations (Lakeith Stanfield), who finally breaks the talisman bracelet and triggers a series of strange events. The story will have elements of terror, intrigue and fantasy within the framework of mysterious New York, from where we will learn its darkest side in a series that will lead up to the platform. streaming On September 8, that’s when we’ll be able to watch the first three episodes out of eight in the series.

long awaited series in september continentalprequel and spin-off of the John Wick saga that will reveal how Winston, played by Ian McShane In all four films, he becomes the owner of the famous New York hotel that also serves as a sanctuary for assassins. starring Colin Woodell And iomide adegun Like younger versions of Winston and the janitor Charon (who was played by the tragically deceased in the movies). lance reddick), will be the big claim of the series Mel GibsonWho will play the role of a crime lord named Cormac. In the United States the series can be seen through Peacock, while in Spain we will see it from September 22 amazon prime video, The Continental will come as a three-part event, culminating with Night 1 on 22 September, Night 2 on 29 September and Night 3 on 6 October. But the series won’t be the only spin-off of the saga, and we remember it will arrive in 2024. ballet dancerfilm starring ana de armas he will be counted by his own presence Keanu Reevesand above Ian McShane And lance reddick (in his final role before his death), and whose plot would take place between the third and fourth installments of the saga john wick,

The most outspoken Guardians of the Galaxy member in words was the first to lead a series alone. the little tree he lends his voice to Vin Diesel was the first season of his short anthology (four self-contained short films). The first batch of episodes of I Am Groot were located between the end of the action guardians of the galaxy 2 And its a post-credits scene and now we finally get to see the trailer for the second season which will bring new adventures for our arboreal friends and its already out disneyplus,

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