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Zoe Kravitz He is at his best and he doesn’t want to and can’t hide it. The recently released actress batman hand in hand with Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson is savoring the honeys of success and you can see the happiness in his eyes and even in Instagram posts.

Although she is not a very active user of social networks, the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and protagonist of audiovisual successes such as Big Little Lies and X-Man: First Classthis Tuesday he has decided to metaphorically let his hair down and show his more than eight million Instagram followers a little more of his private life by hanging a Archive photograph in which she can be seen around six years old sitting on the bed next to her father.

“Love this guy”, has written the actress and model together with the instant that transmits calm, happiness and with which he has undoubtedly conquered all his followers and fans, who they have been infected by the tenderness that Zoë transmits and his father and they have not hesitated to let him know through a shower of likes and hundreds of comments.

Among the most repeated phrases among all those who have seen the photo of little Zöe and Lenny Kravitz are “You are so beautiful”, “The best father-daughter duo”, “You are adorable”, “I love you” and “This is love”, among many others just as tender.

“You are the sweetest, I love you”

In addition, Zoë’s own father, Lenny Kravitz, has also not been able to resist responding when he sees the souvenir photo that his daughter has posted and has not hesitated to tell her that he loves her along with the words; “You are the sweetest.”

But this is not the first time that the author of Black and White America publicly shows the love he feels for his daughter. In fact, Lenny is quite active on social networks and there he has repeatedly shown the unconditional affection he feels for his daughter, how proud he is of the woman he has become and the complicity he has with her. .

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