Zoë Kravitz adds to the criticism of Will Smith: “Apparently we are attacking people on stage now”

Three days after 94th edition of the Oscarsthe slap that Will Smith he tipped Chris Rock above the stage Dolby Theater keep talking.

The fact became the most viral event of the entire ceremony, which had several important milestones such as the coronation of Jane Campion as the third woman to receive the statuette for Best Director and the consecration of Troy Kotsur as the first deaf actor to receive an Oscar.

So much so, that data obtained through Google Trends indicated that Will Smith was 25 times more Googled than coda, The film that won the award for Best Picture.

The aggression carried out by the actor of King Richard: A Winning Family It was the focus of divided opinions, especially on social networks. It even received several criticisms from colleagues like Jim Carrey Y Mark Hamill.

Zoe Kravitz He also spoke about what happened through an Instagram account. Through the application, the actress published two photos showing her followers the dresses she used for the Academy gala and the subsequent party organized by Variety magazine.

In the caption of the first post, he wrote the message: “Here’s a picture of my dress at the awards show where we’re apparently attacking people on stage now,” referring to Smith’s assault on Chris Rock, though not mentioning to those involved.

Meanwhile, in the second image, she complemented writing: “and here is a photo of my dress at the party after the awards ceremony, where apparently we are now shouting profanities and attacking people on stage.”

Thus, Kravitz’s adds to the multiple impressions of the event, which will continue in the media arena for a while, especially due to the formal investigation of the aggression that the Academy recently announced.

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