Zoë Kravitz and Margot Robbie could star in a crossover between Catwoman and Harley Quinn


Batman and The Suicide Squad could unite in the DC Universe. See what the Catwoman actress had to say about the possible on-screen encounter!

Margot Robbie and Zoë Kravits, figures from DC Comics.
© GettyMargot Robbie and Zoë Kravits, figures from DC Comics.

The International Women’s Day It works as the perfect framework to highlight those characters in the cinema who have come to mark a before and after on the screens. Historically, superhero movies have been directly associated with typical male taste. And the female roles in the plots, they did not function more than as a sexual object or simply the partner of a man with powers willing to save the world. Apparently in DC Comics all this is changing.

They have shown it in the franchise with Gal Gadot Interpreting wonder-woman, being directed by a woman for the first time in a long time. The perspective on these characters, finally, begins to change: they can also have powers, objectives, villains and a strong enough character to fend for themselves. Characters like harley quinnfrom the suicide squador cat woman from batmanare just a few examples.

Zoe Kravitz just dazzled under the direction of Matt Reeves and the figure of Robert Pattinson like BruceWayne. While the world praises her performance and fans of the franchise highlight her fidelity to the comics, many others are encouraged to propose a somewhat more complex scenario: Would it be possible to see her sharing the screen as margot robbie? The Catwoman actress apparently has the answer.

Although they live in different universes, Kravitz recently remarked in dialogue with Capital FM: “Nobody has mentioned the crossover with Harley Quinn. But honestly, making this film was intense and difficult, especially shooting undercover. I think we were pleasantly surprised to have finished The Batman”. And he continued: I think his version of that character is so badass and funny, I would watch that movie.

Margot Robbie’s response on the matter remains to be heard, but while it is part of a much larger decision to be made by the studio, the actress from The Baman She is more than willing to take it on. Meanwhile, rumors assure that director Matt Reeves thinks of another of the actresses of the moment to bring Harley Quinn to life and it is, nothing less, that Anya Taylor-Joy.

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