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Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars continues to be talked about, but now that other celebrities have joined the subject, the Internet reminds them that their behavior has not been faultless. This happened to Zoë Kravitz.

One topic has dominated Hollywood in recent days: Will Smith’s physical assault on Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Beyond what those involved have expressed (Chris Rock has remained silent), other celebrities have expressed their opinion about it, although not everyone has been positive.

Such is the case of Zoë Kravitz, who wrote her judgment on the subject on social networks, without imagining that it would end up playing against her. We tell you what happened.

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Zoë Kravitz criticized the actions of Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars 2022

The actress who has gained popularity for playing Catwoman in ‘The Batman’ published a couple of images of her looks from the night of March 27 on her Instagram account.

At the bottom of the first, she wrote “here is a picture of my dress at the awards show where we now apparently attack people on stage” and, under the second, she wrote, “here is a picture of my dress at the after party the awards where now we’re apparently yelling profanity at him and attacking people on stage.”

Her take on the incident undoubtedly caused more intrigue than the outfits themselves. One of his followers, for example, asked him in the comments if he did not agree with Will Smith for “defending” his wife, to which the artist replied no.

This was before Zoë Kravitz became a trend in some social networks and awakened the memory of Internet users. Since then, she deleted all of her replies to her mentioned posts and limited comments on them.

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Twitter recalled that Zoë Kravitz made inappropriate comments about Jaden Smith when he was a minor

In this social network, an interview that the American star gave to ‘V Magazine’ in 2013 resurfaced. In it, he talked about his participation in the movie ‘After Earth’, in which he worked for hand in hand with Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith who was then a teenager.

Some of the statements that stood out were:

“There were times when I was hanging out with Jaden and I thought ‘I can’t believe you’re 14 years old, I have to watch what I say to you’ (…) And he’s so handsome, I always thought things like ‘when you’re older, we’ll spend more time together… no wait, that’s inappropriate because you’re 14.’”

Several Internet users branded these sayings as inappropriate and even pointed to a possible ‘grooming’ or “harassment” in this situation.

Until now, Jaden Smith has not reacted to this controversy.

They pointed out that he had a relationship with Ezra Miller when he was a minor

Additionally, multiple Twitter users pointed out that in 2010 Zoë Kravitz had a somewhat questionable romance with actor Ezra Miller. Back then, the two of them worked on the movie ‘Beware the Gonzo’ and before long pictures of the two of them having a very romantic plan circulated. The problem with this relationship? She was 22 and he was 18 (the age of majority in the United States is 21).

Zoë Kravitz and Ezra Miller Credit: Getty Images

Internet users also claimed that Zoë Kravitz has a friendship with an alleged abuser

However, those were not the only problematic attitudes that Twitter users remembered from the Hollywood diva.

Another detail that they highlighted was their friendship with Alexander Wang, a fashion designer accused of sexual abuse by multiple people.

What do you think of Zoë Kravitz’s history and her statements regarding the slap of Will Smith and Chris Rock?

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